4 Types of Attorneys Who Can Benefit From Law Firm Marketing

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Many lawyers struggle with choosing the best path to market their law firm and may be unsure if Internet Marketing is really the right fit for them. Every law firm has different needs when it comes to website promotion and business awareness. However, if you fall into one of the below categories, online marketing most likely will help give your firm the boost it needs.

#1 You Just Launched Your First Website

If you have never had a website before, you will need to do a bit of legwork in order to get your online marketing off the ground. Google and other search engines are not going to find your site instantly. It’s imperative your website is built with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind and that you take steps to promote it after the launch.

Keep in mind most competitors have had their website online for years and this gives them the advantage. In order to catch up to all the marketing efforts of these other law firms, you may need to spend extra time and money to bring your website up to their level.

#2 You Made Major Changes Within Your Law Firm

Did your firm move offices or change your firm name? If so, all of the information about your law firm online now needs to be updated. Sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook won’t automatically update their data when your website is revised. It is important to manually go to these websites, take steps to manage each listing and update the information accordingly. If inconsistencies continue to exist on various sites, it will not only confuse real clients considering your services, but can also confuse Google. This can then have a negative effect on your rankings.

#3 You Aren’t Getting Results With Your Current Marketing Plan

If your law firm has been struggling to capture new leads it may be time to invest more in your marketing efforts. Perhaps you are paying for print ads or a premium directory service that is no longer generating new business. Consider investing in an SEO campaign, PPC package or a combination of the two instead. Google Analytics is a great tool to use that will show you how many visitors are being pulled into your website from a variety of sources as well as tons of other interesting insights. With this data, you will be able to evaluate which paid sites may not be the most lucrative.

If you are already actively enrolled in an SEO service, find out what ways you can make it better. Depending on your competition and local market you may need to invest more money in additional marketing such as sponsored content posts or paying someone to assist with articles for guest posts. There are always more ways to become actively involved in your own campaign which can be discussed more specifically with your SEO consultant.

#4 You Have Neglected Your Online Presence

Marketing your law firm is an entire job on its own, so if you are trying to keep marketing efforts in-house you may find yourself falling behind the competition. Or perhaps you didn’t find marketing to be that important, but now see that leads are dwindling and you need to step it up. Either way, it’s a good idea to give Internet Marketing a try. If you haven’t promoted your website at all, there will most likely be some information about your business online, it will just be super limited. Signing up for an SEO campaign will allow you to take hold of the current information out there and boost it even more so others can find you within search.

How Do I Get Started? What Marketing Options Are Available?

There are multiple ways to take advantage of Internet Marketing for your law firm, this includes:

Many law firms will find themselves signing up for more than one service, which is a perfect way to cover every angle. However, depending on your specific needs and goals, it may only be necessary to sign up for 1 or 2 Internet Marketing services. SEO can take time to see results, so many lawyers love the instant gratification a PPC campaign can offer. Others may need the extra assistance with content writing since keeping your website fresh is a time-consuming task.

No matter what type of marketing you need, we can help you determine the best approach and package for your law firm. Contact us for more information and a free review.

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