How To Get Backlinks For Your Website Using Google Searches

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In this video, I walk you through simple Google searches you can perform to find new link opportunities for your business. Below is the breakdown of topics discussed in the video along with some helpful articles to assist you in your link building ventures as part of your SEO campaign.

  • Types of Links: There are numerous types of backlinks you can obtain for your website. However, the two basic categories you can try to acquire first are business directories and links within articles. Both categories include free and paid options.
  • Example Search Terms to Use: Use the below terms combined with a local or topical modifier to find different link options when searching in Google.
    • Business Directory
    • Magazine
    • Association
    • Membership
  • Local Search Terms: The below categories should be considered when looking for local links. Add these modifiers before the search terms above.
    • City
    • State
    • Local Nicknames and Area Descriptions (e.g., South Florida, Broward County or Sunshine State)
  • Topical Search Terms: Use descriptive words that relate to the category of your business and combine them with a local or general search term above. Some examples of these are included below.
    • Accountant membership
    • New Jersey Family Magazine
  • Article Opportunities: The below are examples of ways you can find guest posting or article submission websites.
    • Denver business magazine
    • University Alumni News
    • Current or prior relationships with other businesses

Helpful Articles Mentioned in the Video

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