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Six Questions you Never Want Asked About Your Website and How to Prevent Them

1. What is this website about? Many times we get so caught up with the aesthetics and overall design of a site that we lose focus of the big picture. If people go to your site and are left wondering…

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21 Ways to Approach Social Media

Social media quotes to get you thinking.

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Twitter Terms Every Beginner Needs to Know

Tweet: A post added on Twitter. This can include a statement, question, photo, link, or any variation of these things, but must be 140 characters or less. Retweet (RT): This is when someone shares your tweet to their followers. Followers:…

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The Best Websites to Spark Ideas for Social Media Posts

Finding Inspiration for Great Posts Coming up with ideas for social media posts can be difficult. Creativity is not everyone’s forte and writing does not come easy to all. The good news is you do not need to be an…

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5 Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting   Quotes to Inspire Your Social Media Strategy Social media can easily be used in the wrong way. After reading numerous articles on social media and the various strategies others recommend, I thought it would…

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How to Easily Take & Share a Screenshot

The Best Programs for Taking a Screenshot Screenshots can come in handy when attempting to explain something to someone who is not physically in front of you. There are multiple ways to take a screenshot and we are outlining our…

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Bye-Bye Google Authorship Photo

In an effort to simplify the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search results, Google announced yesterday that photos of authors will no longer be displayed in the search engine results. However, authorship can still be set up…

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Four Reasons Your Google Authorship Photo Has Disappeared

  NOTE: Google recently indicated that they will no longer display authorship photos. However, you can still establish Google authorship and the importance of regularly posting to social media has not changed. Read more about the announcement.    Google tightened its…

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The Basics of Social Media for Businesses

Social media can be slightly overwhelming for those who have never used it before. There are many strategies and tips that can help you market your business online, but it is important to first understand the basics. Benefits of Actively…

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Five Don’ts of Social Media for Law Firms

Social media can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. The problem is that many law firms are not utilizing social media platforms the way they were intended. There is no cookie cutter strategy to follow in order to…

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