Recent Headlines in Social Media & Search: March 27

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Search News

  • Bing may remove the additional pages on the footer of a search result where they feel page one contains the most relevant results. See a screen shot here.
  • Google has teamed up with Let’s Put Our Cities On The Map to help businesses evaluate and fix their online presence.
  • There are reports that Google has moved the map & local pack below the fold. This is not an official announcement by Google and some searches are still showing the map above the fold. Read this for more information.
  • It appears Google is doing a test to remove the headline for “in-depth” articles.
  • New details have surfaced about the mobile-friendly algorithm set to release April 21st.
    1. It should take about a week to fully take effect globally
    2. You either pass or fail the mobile-friendly test. There is no in-between.
    3. It is on a page-by-page basis

Twitter News

  • Twitter has unveiled a new quality filtering tool that will remove tweets that contain threats, offensive/abusive language or are spam.
  • Suggested tweets are now being shown in a “You may also like” section in an effort to boost engagement on Twitter. See this screenshot as an example.

Video News

Multiple networks have started using autoplay for videos. Details are as follows.

  • Twitter is experimenting with autoplay for iPhone and iPad users.
  • YouTube has enabled a spin on autoplay for all desktop users in which a related video will automatically begin after one ends.
  • Facebook is participating in the autoplay game as well and offering something similar to YouTube. If a related video is not clicked on in a certain amount of time the next video in the queue will play. So far testing has begun on Android and iOS devices.

If you missed last week’s headlines check them out here.

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