Recent Headlines in Social Media & Search: March 20

Ashley Romer

March 19, 2015

Need to catch up on the latest in social media and Internet Marketing?  We’ve got it covered and have collected some of the recent headlines that have been announced so far this month.

Twitter News

  • Twitter is now showing various types of welcome pages to logged out users in an attempt to encourage them to join the network. You can see examples of these pages here.
  • A new live-streaming video app called Meerkat went live in the beginning of March. It automatically streams to Twitter. One key feature of the app is once a live stream is over it cannot be replayed unless the “merkatter” posts the video on a separate network later on.

Google Maps Updates

  • is no longer the primary data source to Canadian businesses on Google maps. For more specifics on these changes read this.
  • Google maps has updated their report feature on a Google listing. More options are available and it is now easier to report that a business has relocated to a new address. See this screenshot. However, there have been reports that quality control has gone down and even legitimate edits may not get accepted. See this case study.

Facebook News

  • Facebook ads now allow you to target expats. This recent change helped a Middle Eastern airline achieve 700 bookings.
  • Facebook is sending out notifications to those still using the old Facebook business accounts not tied to a personal account. The notifications started early last year, but if you haven’t migrated your account yet, you could still lose access to your Facebook page and ads. If you do not receive a message when logging into your Facebook account you do not need to take any action.

Social Management

  • Looking for a social management tool? A recent study performed by G2 Crowd found that the top-ranked tools were Sprout Social, HootSuite, and Tweetdeck. Check out the reviews here.

Search News

  • Google is now showing competitors of major brands in autocomplete. The competitor’s names do not show up in the initial search, but are autosuggested on the second search. See this post for examples.

Catch up on even more news in social media and search by reading part two.

If you have read any new trends or announcements lately we didn’t mention please let us know in the comments or Tweet it to us @paperstreet.

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2 Responses to Recent Headlines in Social Media & Search: March 20

  1. Daniel Honigman
    11:50 am on March 19th, 2015

    Thank you so much for including our social media management platform report in your roundup, Ashley! Glad it was interesting to you, and hope it is to your readers as well!

    Figure your readers might benefit from a direct link to the category. Here you go:

    (NOTE: I’m a G2 Crowd employee.)

  2. Ashley Romer
    11:57 am on March 19th, 2015

    No problem, Daniel. We appreciate the comment and direct link you included.

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