Spam Alert! Facebook Page Deletion Messages

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It starts like any other day. You login to your company Facebook page to take a peek at some new post likes and have a message alert. Is it a new potential client with a question?

No, it’s Facebook and what’s this? They’re permanently deleting my page?!

Cue the alarm bells- but not for the reason you think.

What Does This Mean? What Should I Do if I Receive Spam from Facebook?

Recently we have had clients inquire about these messages – and have even received multiple ones to our own PS Facebook company page!

First thing’s first – do not and we repeat do not click ANYTHING in the message! Facebook will never reach out about page deletion or information via the messenger in their platform. So never fear, your page is safe. Phewf!

Secondly, move the message to spam and get it out of your inbox. Usually the profiles sending these messages are short lived so there is rarely an opportunity to report the account. 

The moral of the story? Spammers are constantly getting more creative with their tactics. If a message ever has your spam spidey senses tingling- in Facebook, emails, text messages or any form of communication, it’s best to trust your intuition and junk it.

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