Google+ is Shutting Down

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In December 2018, Google announced they were shutting down their social networking platform of Google+ in April 2019 due to low usage. On April 2nd, your Google+ pages will be shut down and Google will start deleting content from your Google+ pages and accounts.

Nothing needs to be done unless you are using your Google+ account for personal use and want to save the data that you have shared. If so, you can download and save your content here.

To be extremely clear, the deletion of Google+ will NOT be affecting your main Google account. Your main Google account is associated with many features, and the social network of Google+ was simply one of them. Your main account is staying and again will not be affected; maintaining other important features like Google My Business; etc.

If you are an active SEO client of PaperStreet, we will be removing any reference to your Google+ logo and link from your website. If you are not an SEO client, please contact our Support team to have this removed.

For more information, please visit Frequently asked questions about the Google+ shutdown.

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