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Chelsea portraitHow to Get More Subscribers for Your Law Firm Newsletter

You’ve got your newsletter account set up, template designed, content written – but wait, there’s no one to send to! At PaperStreet, our newsletter process starts with uploading email lists first for this exact reason: you want to make sure…

Chelsea portraitUpcoming Changes to Social Media Platforms

Social media is constantly changing, and no one knows it better than us here at the ‘Street. That’s why we always have our ear to the ground for any new updates that may be on the horizon.  In this post,…

Chelsea portraitThe Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasts

It’s no secret that podcasts are extremely popular.  Name a subject and you’re sure to hear “there’s a podcast for that!” While podcasts are great for easy listening, there’s also no denying that a podcast has real power as a…

Chelsea portraitLearn How to Post Like a Pro on Google My Business

You may have heard chatter in the marketing world about a Google My Business feature called “Google My Business Posts.” But what are these posts? Should you be using them? Is there any benefit? The short answer is: heck, yes!…

Chelsea portraitGoogle Says Goodbye to Google+

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Google exposed the private details of almost 500,000 Google + users and then opted not to report the lapse due to the concern that it would ignite regulatory scrutiny and reputational damage. Google…

Chelsea portraitFacebook’s Updating Business Pages and There’s Nothing to Fear!

In the past weeks, you may have received notification from Facebook that they will be changing your business page template. PS is here to report that this is nothing to fear! Facebook has taken the initiative to make these updates…

Chelsea portraitFacebook’s Algorithm Update: Should You Be Freaking Out?

Facebook has updated their algorithm and we’re here to tell you there’s no need for a panic attack. It is true that this change will have an impact on organic reach for the channel, but social media experts are saying there’s no need for fear.

Chelsea portraitGive Your LinkedIn Profile a Summer Sprucing!

Want to “spruce up’ your personal LinkedIn profile, but aren’t sure what exactly needs sprucing? Never fear, PS is here! The overall goal for your personal LinkedIn is to complete as much information as possible to make it a fully rounded representation of who you are.

Chelsea portraitWebinar: Social Media Breakdown

Have you been wondering what’s going on in the social media world? Chelsea is here to break down everything that you need to know.

Chelsea portraitStep Away from the #Hashtag!

Want to use a hashtag in your business’ social media posts? Chelsea is here to tell you how, so you can avoid a few common hashtag pitfalls.

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