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Chelsea RyanGive Your LinkedIn Profile a Summer Sprucing!

Want to “spruce up’ your personal LinkedIn profile, but aren’t sure what exactly needs sprucing? Never fear, PS is here! The overall goal for your personal LinkedIn is to complete as much information as possible to make it a fully rounded representation of who you are.

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Chelsea RyanWebinar: Social Media Breakdown

Have you been wondering what’s going on in the social media world? Chelsea is here to break down everything that you need to know.

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Chelsea RyanStep Away from the #Hashtag!

Want to use a hashtag in your business’ social media posts? Chelsea is here to tell you how, so you can avoid a few common hashtag pitfalls.

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Chelsea RyanOmnivore: Take Two – How to Get Your List Accepted by MailChimp’s Abuse Prevention System

Our last post about MailChimp’s automated abuse prevention systems, lovingly referred to as Omnivore, might have left you saying “UH, thanks for the 411…but how exactly does this affect me?” Never fear, PaperStreet is here to let you know how Omnivore might wiggle its way into your life on the interweb.

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Chelsea RyanMailChimp’s Omnivore Isn’t Monkeying Around

Chelsea explains MailChimp’s abuse prevention system and what it means for you.

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Chelsea RyanHow To Search and Add Subscribers in MailChimp (We Swear It’s Easy!)

Learn how to search, find and update an existing subscriber, or add a brand new email to our favorite newsletter software, MailChimp.

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Chelsea RyanSummertime Means Good Books: Check Out What We Are Reading

What Are You Reading This Summer?  Since we are springing into summer here at PaperStreet we thought we would put together a list of our favorite reads for the upcoming days of fun in the sun. Take a peek below…

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Chelsea RyanPaperStreet Playlist: Our Favorite Tunes

Here at PaperStreet music is an integral part of our work environment. Whether it’s playing in our office or personal headphones, everyone agrees it helps get us in the workflow. We thought we would create an opportunity for you to…

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Chelsea RyanMailChimp Troubles? Never Fear! Our Tutorial is Here

If you are a newsletter client of PaperStreet, you are probably familiar with the term MailChimp.  For those who are not … no, unfortunately it is not a little chimp that delivers mail.  MailChimp is a third party service we…

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Chelsea RyanFreelance Legal Web Content Writer Now Hiring

PaperStreet Web Design seeks experienced legal web content writer to craft web copy for law firms that serve corporate and institutional clients. This is a freelance, work-from-home position. We seek a lawyer-writer who: • understands the legal landscape in the…

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