Facebook’s Updating Business Pages and There’s Nothing to Fear!

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In the past weeks, you may have received notification from Facebook that they will be changing your business page template. PS is here to report that this is nothing to fear! Facebook has taken the initiative to make these updates hoping that it will help people more easily connect with your business.

If you don’t manually select the template of your choice, Facebook will choose one that it feels best fits your specific services and automatically make the update on August 24th, 2018. These changes aren’t set in stone though, you can always go into your business page settings and choose a different layout.

As can be seen in the below notification, you can choose to apply the template they have chosen, a different one or keep the existing. Our recommendation is to pick the template you think best suits your firm or business and make sure that your contact information, hours, and other vital information is accurate and up to date.

A Facebook page update notification showing options to apply a new template or keep the existing one, explaining improved user navigation. Red arrows point to buttons for applying the template or choosing differently. With Facebook’s Updating Business Pages, there’s nothing to fear!
The bottom line? This is not a major change requiring immediate action and can be addressed at your convenience. As always, feel free to contact PaperStreet if you have any questions or need our assistance.

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