Upcoming Changes to Social Media Platforms

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Social media is constantly changing, and no one knows it better than us here at the ‘Street. That’s why we always have our ear to the ground for any new updates that may be on the horizon. 

In this post, we’ve compiled some of the murmurings we’ve heard on what to potentially expect in the upcoming months. 

LinkedIn Post Scheduling 

LinkedIn is currently testing a native post scheduling option. This would mean you could schedule posts right in the platform! 

While LinkedIn allows for scheduling in most third-party social management platforms, this would be a great option if you do not want to utilize another service or want to ensure your post looks good when live. (Truthfully, third-party apps usually have the ability to post reviews, but nothing is as reliable as native scheduling.) 

Instagram ‘Repost’ Feature

According to a new finding, Instagram is now testing a ‘Repost’ option, which would enable users to amplify any post by re-sharing it to their followers in the main feed.

Considering how many users are having issues with Instagram’s algorithm and seeing the content they actually follow, you’d be right to guess this update is not receiving a favorable response. Here’s hoping this option may not pass the test.

Instagram Tests Using DMs as Post Alert Option

Another less than favorable test, this would enable people to share their latest posts with connections via DM. While this does sound like a way to boost awareness and engagement for posts, it also opens the door for potential spammers to abuse it. 

The assumption is Meta has a solution in place for this potential issue. With their current search to keep people active in the app, however, they may just roll it out and deal with the consequences later. 

We’ve definitely got our eyes on this one!

Instagram has expanded access to a new option which enables some creators to add multiple links to their IG bio. Considering links do not work in post captions on IG this would be a great addition to the platform. 

It’s not clear how many links users will be able to add, but you may be able to utilize this feature for main links and still keep your third-party #linkinbio active for content shared about blogs, articles, etc.

Instagram Post Scheduling 

Not one to be left behind, Instagram is also testing a native in-app scheduling feature. While they also allow scheduling in most third-party platforms, it would be a great addition for planning IG posts on the go and composing posts using all of Instagram’s creation tools and options.

This is another one we’ve got our fingers crossed for passing the testing phase!

Instagram Test Option to Add Song for Profile

Remember MySpace? So does Instagram.

Apparently the app is testing the possibility of adding a song to your profile — reminiscent of the MySpace days. We’re wondering if a top 8 will be next? 

Trust PaperStreet for Your Social Media Needs

When new options roll-out in social media, there are often a few kinks. Rather than test things out yourself, let PaperStreet help! Our team has several campaign options and we’ll be the guinea pigs to see which features you should incorporate into your campaign. Contact us today to get started!

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