Facebook’s Algorithm Update: Should You Be Freaking Out?

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Facebook has updated their algorithm and we’re here to tell you there’s no need for a panic attack. It is true that this change will have an impact on organic reach for the channel, but social media experts are saying there’s no need for fear.

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So, what exactly is this algorithm update and why is it happening?

This change is intended to clean up the News Feed and help bring Facebook back to its original mission of connecting people. Content that sparks engagement and conversation from people’s connections will be prioritized, meaning the number of posts from business pages, publishers and news sites will be reduced.

Remind me again why we shouldn’t be panicking?

I get it, the above information might send a shiver of fear down your social spine, BUT, let’s remember this article is about how this change isn’t that scary. In this articleexperienced social media marketing advisors share the common message to “stay calm and keep posting.” Below are some highlights behind their reasoning:

  • The Facebook algorithm change isn’t that big of a change- they have been working for a while now to improve the News Feed experience
  • There are still opportunities to win organically on Facebook, but they will be harder to gain
  • Now more than ever you must embrace the paid advertising side of Facebook- smart marketers will spend more time there and less agonizing over organic reach 
  • If you’re overly dependent on free reach to your Facebook fans, your strategy was already out of balance before the change

What do I need to know about sharing content in the wake of this algorithm shakeup?

Columnist Rachel Lindteigen explains how this update is similar to the way Google Panda and Google Penguin worked to clean up search results. It’s going to force businesses to produce better content and engage with followers – which is the true point of social media.

Additionally, she offers advice on how to expand the reach of your content in this post-“Facebook Apocalypse” world. Here are some of the top ideas you should be incorporating into your sharing strategy:

  • Content creators will need to think more about their audience and what needs they have
  • If you haven’t incorporated video yet, it’s past time- it’s the format that converts most on social channels right now
  • Facebook is favoring live video in its algorithm (her research shows 30-50% increase reach for live video vs. prerecorded- wowza!)
  • If an organic post is getting significant engagement, spending a little money on ads to expand your reach can be worth it

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