How to Get More Subscribers for Your Law Firm Newsletter

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You’ve got your newsletter account set up, template designed, content written – but wait, there’s no one to send to!

At PaperStreet, our newsletter process starts with uploading email lists first for this exact reason: you want to make sure you have subscribers to enjoy that valuable content and dazzling design. 

It’s understandable that building a list can seem daunting — especially from scratch — but never fear! We’re here with some ideas to grow your list in no time. 

Optimize Your “About Us” Page for Conversions

People on your “About” page generally like you or else they wouldn’t be there, which makes it the perfect opportunity to add a CTA encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter. 

Create a Squeeze Page

 A squeeze page is designed to “squeeze” a visitor’s email address from them by offering something valuable in return, making it a great option for building a list. 

Optimize Your Blog Homepage for Subscribers 

Design your blog with the intent of turning your readers into subscribers by including a sign up form front and center. 

Exit-Intent Popups

We all can agree that popups can sometimes be…. annoying. But an exit popup that doesn’t attack you and instead offers something of value when you leave? Now that’s something we can get behind. 

Offer Content Upgrades

A content upgrade, also known as a lead magnet, is a piece of content a business can offer to their website visitors in exchange for their email address. You want to make sure you’re providing something valuable to ensure signups— bonus points if it is something they can use right away. Some examples are:

  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Templates
  • Videos

Share on Social Media or in Your Email Signature

You may not have a mega subscriber list, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a network! People who follow your firm on social media know they already like you so they are the perfect group to pitch your newsletter to. Don’t have a large following on social? No problem! Add a link to your newsletter sign up in your email signature. 

When in Doubt, Turn to PaperStreet

At PaperStreet, we always hope to educate our clients enough that they feel confident taking the reins. Of course, we’re also here to help with any marketing needs you may have. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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