The Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasts

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It’s no secret that podcasts are extremely popular.  Name a subject and you’re sure to hear “there’s a podcast for that!” While podcasts are great for easy listening, there’s also no denying that a podcast has real power as a marketing tool. With the ability to bolster your authority in the legal field and enhance brand awareness, this trend is worth considering for your business or law firm. 

Whether you’re about to embark on the creation of a new show or want to improve the ROI on your current podcast, we invite you to review our 8 do’s and don’ts. We hope they’ll ensure your foray into the world of audio marketing is a successful one. 


Find a Niche

As we mentioned, there seems to be a podcast for everything. Stay away from general topics and find your niche to ensure you’re not only passionate about the subject matter but have room for growth. A niche doesn’t mean you have to limit your topics, though. Just be sure to stay on brand and talk about topics for which you can share a unique perspective. 


Ramble On

Yes, podcasts generally do have more of a lax format- allowing for small talk and tangents. However, this doesn’t mean you should say everything that pops into your head. Make sure to get to the main subject matter of your show or listeners will journey elsewhere. To help with this, we encourage you to write a script or keep a list of talking points. 

This however leads to a related don’t…


Be TOO Rigid

Don’t read straight from that script or stick to only prewritten questions for guests. Inject some personality into your on-air presence and leave room for a natural conversational flow. 


Keep a Consistent Schedule

If you’re serious about starting a podcast, you need to keep a consistent publishing schedule. It’s important for your listeners that you stay on that schedule, so  decide on a frequency that works for you (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) and stick to it. 


Edit Properly

Editing can be labor intensive, but it makes a BIG difference in the finished product. Remove long silences, awkward pauses, coughing or sneezing fits and fluff that doesn’t add any value. 


Make Editing Obvious

Wait, didn’t we say you SHOULD edit? Yes, we get this may sound like we’re going against our “do” but while you want to edit your podcast, you don’t want to edit it down so much it loses its authenticity. 



This goes for your topics, guests AND audience. Through good research you can identify what your listeners want to hear about and hone in on topics that achieve results. Similarly, with proper research, you can select guests that would help gain popularity for your show – AND potential customers.


Forget to Have Fun!

Podcasts are meant to be entertainment, so if creating your show feels like a chore your listeners can probably tell. Strive to have fun and focus on being engaging  in your delivery. Though you’re not conversing with all of your listeners, it’s important to keep your tone conversational. 

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