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You may have heard chatter in the marketing world about a Google My Business feature called “Google My Business Posts.” But what are these posts? Should you be using them? Is there any benefit?

The short answer is: heck, yes! If we’re honest, any little opportunity Google gives to promote your business in search results should be taken and cherished. We’ll break down all you need to know about this fun little feature and have you posting like a pro in no time!

So, What Exactly ARE “Google My Business Posts”?

As mentioned, this feature is directly related to your Google My Business listing. It allows business owners to include additional information so potential clients searching for your business can learn more about what you have to offer.

The post is featured in the knowledge panel of the Google My Business listing and can include an image, content, call to action and link. And while it does have a certain social media je ne sais quoi, it’s important to emphasize this is not a new social media platform. That means no need for hashtags, no post engagements or interacting with users and no likes or follows.

One last important factor to note before moving on is that posts are only live for seven days. Never fear, though! Your hard work isn’t all for nothing. Posts are archived and show up in a carousel-esque view so searchers can go back and see previously created posts. Our best practice tidbit is to post every week, so there’s always something new for searchers to see.

So, What Exactly SHOULD I Post?

To make sure all businesses can benefit, Google My Business Posts offer an array of post type selections:

  • Book (an appointment)
  • Order Online
  • Buy
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Call Now
  • Events
  • Offers

No need to tell us that the hardest part with any post – have it be social, blog or in this case Google My Business – can be creating the content. Here are some ideas to jump-start your content creativity:

  • Post a summary of your latest blog post and link to it
  • Share a new YouTube video
  • Highlight a new product, feature or service you offer
  • Going to participate in an upcoming event? Share the deets!
  • Promote a sale or special offer
  • Changing your business hours? Share the new 411 in a post
  • Brag a little and share a 5-star review
  • Job opening? Post a digital “help wanted” sign

Lastly, make sure to include keywords related to your business when possible! While we don’t have specific case studies or insight on the most effective way to post as it’s relevant to rankings – we do know sticking to what your business is targeting certainly won’t hurt rankings.

So, How Exactly DO I Post?

Now you know what it is and what to post, but how is it done?

To start, posts can be accessed through the Google My Business Dashboard from the menu on the left side or the post section:PS Website Photo

Then write your post, add a photo and include the link:

PS Website Photo

PS Website Photo

The post can be previewed before posting and even shown how it will be viewed on search:

PS Website Photo

Once your post has been live, you can see the number of views and/or clicks for each post:

PS Website Photo

And voila- you’re now a Google My Business posting pro!





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