Why Should My Business Use Social Media?

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Although social media can be fun and entertaining as an individual user, it can also be beneficial as a business owner. However, many law firms and business professionals in general, are wondering if there is any point to be on social media at all. The simple answer is “yes.”

The main reason people do not see the true benefit of social media is because they are trying to find a direct correlation between being on a social network, like Facebook, and obtaining more clients. The truth is that social media most likely has more of an indirect benefit than a direct one. In order to better understand what this means, we have broken down the indirect ways social media can enhance your business into the sections below.

Establish Credibility, Reputation and a Social Presence

When someone is looking to hire a company, their first instinct is usually to do a little research. This can happen a number of ways, including searching for reviews or mentions of the company anywhere on the Internet. In a similar way, social media is also a common source people will use to check out the reputation of a company.

If someone visits your Facebook page and the last post was from 2011, it gives the impression that you are not up to date. This is a huge missed opportunity on your part to captivate an individual and provide additional information so they can properly evaluate your company. Now they move onto your Twitter profile and see that the banner photo is cut off and blurry and you only have two followers. This will also give the viewer a negative image of your business. That is definitely not the reaction you want potential clients to have about you.

Now on the flip side, if they visit your Facebook page and see there are 305 likes, a recent post from last week and multiple comments, you’ll leave a better impression and a potential client will have a better understanding of your company and feel better about doing business with you.

Making it Easier for Others to Recommend You

Social media gives your clients a place to add reviews about you which is beneficial to prospective clients checking you out. It may even convince them to use your service. Google+ reviews, for instance, can definitely persuade a user to click on a website in search results. For example, if your business has no reviews and a competitor has 10 positive reviews, it is pretty clear which company will look more desirable to a particular individual.

Besides reviews, social media makes it easier for others to voice an opinion about your company and brand. If someone is very satisfied with your service they may want to recommend you to a friend, family member or coworker. One way for them to do this would be to mention you on their social media pages by tagging your page. If you do not have a page to tag they can still mention you, but you lose the ability for those who see the post to directly contact you.

Implement Good Customer Service and Networking

Other than recommending you on social media, utilizing these pages gives customers an outlet to ask questions and engage with you more on a personal level. Those who you connect with may not be using your service or product at the moment, but having a presence on various networks encourages them to keep you in mind when they do end up needing something you offer.

Reaching out to similar people and companies can help you form new relationships that could blossom into new business. For example, you may be a car accident lawyer and have frequent conversations with a mechanic shop on Google+. One of their customers may have recently got into a car accident and notice your comments on their page. This may lead them back to your Google+ page in which they read your great reviews, see recent and interesting blog posts you’ve shared, and decide they want to reach out to you for more information.

Proving to Google your Authority as a Business

It has been stated many times that Google does not take social media activity into consideration for their algorithm. However, if your social media pages are creating more awareness for your brand and people are commenting on your pages, people are more than likely going back to your website. The more traffic to your website and mentions of your business, the more authority Google will give your website. Networking with others on social media also makes it easier for those to link back to your site. Backlinks definitely play a role in rankings and the more natural quality backlinks you have the better.

It is important to note that each social network is different and some may not be fit for your business. However, having an overall presence online is very crucial for any business looking to get traffic to their website. If you are thinking about SEO and social media services contact us today for more information.

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