13 Things About Social Media You Didn’t Know

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Social Shockers

The majority of social media users understand the basic idea of posting and conversing with others. However, there are numerous additional things that can be done beyond that. We’ve compiled a list of interesting items you may want to check out for yourself.

  1. Create a separate login for your Google+ page. This can be done so you can comment, post and add people to circles as your business instead of as a specific person. There are certain limitations though and once logged in as your Google+ page you cannot see your analytics or Google+ page insights. To find out exactly how to create a separate login and read more details visit this blog post.
  2. Write a review as your page on Google+ but not on Facebook.
  3. View a list of a particular person’s LinkedIn Updates. To do this, click the down arrow in the top section of their profile and then click view recent activity. This activity may be displayed between 5 and 60 days. The list of time lengths can be found on LinkedIn.
  4. Skip the “how do you know this person” step on LinkedIn. All you have to do is click on the “connect” button from search results instead of their profile.
  5. Post on LinkedIn to a specific company with @mention just as you would on Twitter or Facebook.
  6. There is a Firefox plug-in that can help you link your Facebook page in the work experience section of your Facebook profile. If Facebook is not giving you your Facebook page as an option in the drop down menu, check out this article for details on how to use the Firefox plug-in.
  7. Bold or italicize your text in a Google+ post by using asterisks or underscores before and after your content. There are also multiple keyboard shortcuts you can use. See this cheat sheet for full details.
  8. If you want to share a link on Twitter, but the url is too long, you can shorten it. One website that can help is bitly. Add your link to this site to receive a new shortened link to use for your tweet or social media post.
  9. See analytics for your Twitter account. Just visit https://analytics.twitter.com while logged in. The analytics will only begin from the date you first visited the link.
  10. Link directly to a particular Facebook post. To do this, click on the date of the post and then copy and paste the url of the new page that opened up. This also works for Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Use this direct url to cross post onto your other networks.
  11. Choose a custom thumbnail for your YouTube channel if you verify it. For each uploaded video, YouTube offers 3 randomized thumbnails to pick from for all users, but to upload your own photo, verify your YouTube channel first.
  12. Create a custom url for your YouTube videos. However, you must verify it first and meet certain critera.
  13. If you have more than 200 likes on your Facebook page you cannot change your name unless you submit a formal request and submit documentation. It can also only be changed once.

Lastly, social media networks have rolled out a lot of updates recently. Stay in the loop and read up on the new changes.

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