How to Post to Google as your Google+ Page

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If you own a business or even if you just manage business accounts, you may wish to communicate with people on Google+ using a business page instead of your personal profile. Doing so can help increase awareness for your Google+ page, which will encourage others to respond and follow you. It will also make it easier for employees and those outside of the company to manage the business page since they will not have to use their personal account.

The process is simple and only requires you to set up a username and password for your Google+ page. After this is established, you will be able to log in directly to your Google+ page instead of your personal account. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Log in to Google+
  2. Go to “Pages.”  You can find this by putting your cursor over “Home” on the left-hand side, which will drop down a menu. “Pages” will be listed toward the bottom of the list.
  3. Once you click “Pages,” you will see all of the pages you manage. Click “manage this page” for the one you wish to create a password for.
  4. Click “settings” on the top bar. It will be the last option on the right.
  5. Scroll to “third party tools.”
  6. Click “set up a password.”
  7. Fill in the two boxes with the password you wish to use. Notice your auto-generated username is listed on this page. Be sure to save this since you will need it to log-in.
  8. Click “Continue” and you are all set.

Things to consider:

  •  Only page owners are able to set up a username and password. If you are just a manager, you cannot.
  • If ownership is transferred after a password has been set up, the new owner will have to start the process over.
  • If the owner of the page is a Google Apps user, you are not able to set up a separate username and password for your page.
  • All notifications will continue to be sent to the e-mail address listed under Notifications under the settings tab. If you wish to set up a separate e-mail for your Google+ page you can do so by logging into your page and going to https://mail.google.com/mail.

Staying active on social media is an excellent way to boost your SEO and bring in new clients. Google+ is especially important since +1’s and other Google activity on your page can highly influence your Google rankings. Posts made to your Google+ page are crawled and indexed almost immediately giving the social network even more importance.

Here at PaperStreet, we are always looking for new ways to aid in managing social media by either making it easier or more beneficial for clients. For all of your website design and SEO needs, contact PaperStreet today.

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