How to Use Facebook Boosted Posts

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Facebook boosted posts — which are technically ads — can be beneficial for law firm branding and gaining the trust of potential clients. Though targeting can be scarce on Facebook for some of the more popular practice areas, rest assured you can still capture the eye of inquiring minds on social media. Below are some of our top pointers for you to brainstorm your posts and help them reach a larger audience.


When creating organic posts to then be used as a marketing tool with boosting on Facebook, content is important. Create interesting and out-of-the-box posts that someone might not think of when trying to capture the attention of individuals who are looking for legal services…or not. Topics like weird laws, common questions, and icebreakers to get to know your audience can stretch far in the world of social media.


Your end goal is to capture the attention of individuals as they are scrolling Facebook. Get creative with different graphics to promote your law firm. Creature a monthly feature or spotlight with a different member of your legal team. Create a post bragging about a recent win for the firm. The more your audience learns about the firm, the deeper the impression your firm makes on that audience.


Consider how long your firm has been in business. Are there stories you can tell to promote engagement on Facebook? Is there a case that a lot of your audience can relate to? Entice your potential audience with something that speak to them personally. Allow for comments of similar experiences and engage with your audience through comments and likes.

Peak Times

If your firm regularly posts on Facebook, pay attention to the days of the week and times of day where your audience interacts the most. If there is a pattern in fluctuation in engagement on content, use that timeframe to boost your posts. You’re more likely to capture the audience who already interacts with your page and you have the potential to capture like minded individuals who have yet to see your content.

Call to Action

In every boosted post created, ensure you use the feature provided for a call to action. You can have the audience click on a link, message, call – something to engage them further than your original post. Be sure to have a member of your team monitor messages coming in on the Facebook platform to capture those who choose to reach out with that method. The average attention span of a user on Facebook is about 2-3 seconds. Your post needs to be clear on what the intent is for your audience.

Start Now

Take this opportunity, especially starting a brand new year, to observe trends on your firm’s Facebook page. Are there some older but relevant posts you think a bigger audience would engage in? Do you have examples listed above already posted that can be boosted? Start off by boosting one post per month and slowly ramp it up as your audience grows. Find out what your target audience is looking for and cater to those needs. Rely on Paperstreet to help with more engaging content ideas. Get started today!

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