How to Create a Unique Facebook URL

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When you create a Facebook page it is given a random URL that is usually long and not easily memorized (often an arrangement of letters and numbers). To make your Facebook page easier to find, it is a good idea to create a unique URL that matches the subject of your page.

As a marketing technique, the PaperStreet team highly recommends taking advantage of this Facebook feature. A unique URL allows for easy sharing, not to mention it will be a link that someone can actually remember.

It’s As Easy As 1,2,3…

Check out the step by step guide below to get you on your way.

  1.  Log into the Facebook account that manages your Facebook page
  2. Go to your Facebook page by clicking the page name under “pages” on the left hand side of your Facebook homepage. You may already have it bookmarked or saved somewhere where you can access it easily.If you have a business account you may need to click “Pages” to the left and then click your page name on the top.
  3. Click “Edit Page” on the top of your Facebook page
  4.  A drop down menu will appear. Click “Edit Settings”
  5. Click “Page Info” on the top left
  6. Go to the second option “Page Address” and click “Enter a Facebook web address”
  7. Click “Create a web address for this page?”
  8. You must then select a username. Note: At this point you may be prompted with a message that states “Before you can set your username, you need to verify your account.” Click continue and a message will pop up prompting you to enter a cell phone number. You will receive a number by text in which you must enter into the box before moving forward.If you were not prompted to verify your account you can move forward.
  9. Make sure to select the name of your page on the left and type a username in the box to the right. This username will be your new URL. For example, if you choose the username PaperStreet your URL will be Facebook.com/PaperStreet.
  10. Click check availability. If it is unavailable type in a new name until you find one that is available.
  11. Once you have found an available username a box will pop up for you to confirm. Note: once you confirm you cannot change your username.
  12. After you click confirm, your Facebook URL will be saved. You can now direct people to your page with your new Facebook URL.

Facebook can be very powerful in promoting your company. Creating a unique URL is just one of many ways that you can make your brand easier to find and recognize on the web. Check out some other social media tips and tricks from PaperStreet professionals.

If you need help setting up or customizing your social media pages PaperStreet Web Design can assist you. We offer website design, SEO services, and multiple packages to improve your branding. Contact us today for more information.

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