How to Create a More Impactful Home Page for Your Law Practice

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In the ever-evolving landscape of web design, law firms strive to create websites that reflect their professionalism and engage and inform potential clients. A common marketing challenge we solve for attorneys is developing one critical part of their website—the home page. The home page is the gateway to the rest of the site and is one of the most important pages. A well-designed home page is crucial in conveying the goal of a law firm and establishing trust with potential new clients. 

Most Common Home Page Elements in Law Firm Web Design

At PaperStreet Web Design, we understand the unique needs of law firms, and we’ve compiled a list of the most popular home page elements that contribute to an effective and engaging law firm web design home page:

  • Pull quote—Feature a quote in the body content; it can be from a managing partner or even a quote representing your mission and philosophy.
  • Testimonials (rotating or static)—Let users know what others say about your services; including testimonials is imperative if you’re looking to convert new visitors to the website.
  • Attorney spotlight—Showcase one, two, or three attorneys, or dynamically pull in a new face each time the page refreshes. The attorneys could have a quote, fast facts, an email/phone icon, etc., or social accounts if the firm has some for each.
  • Practice area list—Showcase your top practice areas with or without a sentence description.
  • Badges/accolades—Include your SuperLawyer, AVVO, university, and state bar association logos so users can quickly identify these reputable companies and organizations. 
  • Benefits list—Explain in blurbs why users should choose you (free consultation, 24/7 availability, house calls, etc.) Make it a no-brainer to pick up the phone!
  • Client list—Include the names/logos of companies you have successfully worked with, especially if they are household names.
  • FAQs—Feature the firm’s top few most frequently asked questions. Our favorite tactic is to use the People Also Ask in Google. You know these phrases/questions are asked commonly, so they make the most sense to answer in your law firm website content.
  • Mission statement—Share your mission statement or philosophy with potential new clients. 
  • Recent news/cases/articles—Dynamically pull information from your blog categories—this is a must and always recommended!
  • Featured videos—Showcase your firm/practice area videos. Videos take time and effort; be sure to show them off if you’ve made video creation a priority.
  • Twitter/Instagram feed—If you’re active on social media, pull in your Twitter/Instagram feed to engage users on these platforms.
  • Industries list—List the industries that relate to your practice areas.
  • Newsletter sign-up—Include a form to join your mailing list and help add subscribers simultaneously.
  • Timeline—Share your firm history and important milestones/dates.
  • Statistics—Share significant numbers (date founded, number of attorneys, clients, money secured, etc.) We love a “By the Numbers” section. 
  • Client code—Include verbiage that speaks to your philosophy—a good opportunity for some alliteration, such as “Client Code,” “Ideology,” “Client Creed,” “Our Promises,” etc.
  • Firm Introduction—Consider including a few sentences about the firm—who, what, where, when, etc.

PaperStreet Can Help With Your Home Page Strategy and Design

It is important for law firms to recognize the importance of a thoughtfully designed home page. Organizing elements such as testimonials, attorney bios, and accolades will help build a strong connection with your viewers. If you would like help crafting your home page content and design strategy, PaperStreet’s experienced team of writers, designers, and developers can help. Get started today!

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