Why a JPEG Just Won’t Do When Creating Logos


It’s office policy. Whenever we receive logo files from clients for a new design project (and we have not designed the logo ourselves), we ask for the Adobe Illustrator EPS file.

If the client doesn’t know what that file type is we tell them to send us everything they have and we will pick out the files we need.

Why do we do this? Because JPEGS are not helpful when working with logos.

The Reason JPEGS and Logos Don’t Mix Well

When we have the Vector Adobe Illustrator EPS file we have more creative control and image quality control. This type of file allows us to separate the logo or image from the white background and put it on other types of backgrounds. In JPG format it will have a background color and we can’t separate the logo from that background. A vector EPS also allows you to scale it to infinity and it won’t lose quality.

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