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Custom Web Design Process (Building A House Analogy)

1. Becoming a Client (Let's Get Started!)

  1. Getting Started - Contract & Payment
  2. Creative Brief - Plan Your Goals

2. Project Planning (Laying The Foundation)

  1. Client Interview Call, Meet the Team & Learn Our Process
  2. Site Structure - Outline Site Pages & Content - Get Approval
  3. SEO Planning - Determine Keywords & Goals - Get Approval (SEO clients only)

3. Content Stage (Pick Out The Furniture)

  1. Write Home Page - Determine Content Responsibilities - Get Approval
  2. Completion of the Master Content File / Content Writing - Get Approval
  3. Content Audit
  4. Final Client Approval for Placement on Website
  5. Optimize Content (SEO clients only)

4. Creative Brainstorming (Drawing The Blueprints & Selecting Decor)

  1. Wireframe & Styleboard - Draw Outline & Define Style
  2. Logo Sketches (if applicable)
  3. Creative Planning Approval

5. Concept Presentation (Revealing The Architecture & Design)

  1. Home Page Wireframes
  2. Home Page Design
  3. Photo Concept Plan
  4. Home Page Approval

6. Subpage Layouts (Finalizing The Rooms In The House)

  1. Design Subpages Based on Content
  2. Subpage Approval

7. Development (General Contractor Build)

  1. Build Site - Slice, Code & Test
  2. Photography & Content Integration
  3. Quality Assurance - Internally Examine Every Page & Detail

8. Client Site Review (Inspection & Walk Through)

  1. Punch List - Client Changes
  2. Resubmit for Final Approval
  3. SEO - Link Building, Blogging & Consultation (SEO clients only)

9. Final Testing & Launch (Move Into Your New House!)

  1. Client Approval To Launch
  2. Final Internal Test
  3. Launch!

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Web Content Audit Process

1. Site Structure (Information Architecture)

A site structure is a page map that serves as framework for your site and defines your navigation scheme. During this stage we’ll work with you to:

  1. Develop a content strategy
  2. Organize your content in a way that is functional, user-friendly and SEO-savvy
  3. Create a map that outlines how every page of content will fit within your site

2. Master Content File

Once your site structure is finalized, we will create a Word document for your content based on your site structure. All of your content will be placed into this master content file. This process helps to streamline content creation and avoid the chaos of multiple files containing various revisions.

3. Content Creation

A new site or a redesign is great opportunity to edit your existing content and write new content.  This is the longest stage of the process and we recommend that you begin writing, editing and/or gathering your content as soon as you receive the master content file.  Our team of attorney-writers can also write or edit content for you, if you prefer.

4. Content Audit

Once we receive your approved master content file, we will review it to ensure that all content:

  • Matches the site structure
  • Fits with your design
  • Is formatted properly for the developers
  • Does not contain any issues (missing pages, duplicate content, missing links, etc.)

Web Content Writing Process

1. Interview

We interview key firm members to learn more about your practice areas, attorneys, differentiating factors, brand, tone, style and other relevant information.

2. Sample Pages

We provide three to five sample pages for your review and approval before completing the entire project. This step helps ensure that we are on the right track and that you are happy with our work.

3. Initial Draft

We provide an initial draft of all pages for your review and revision (please use track changes in Microsoft Word for all changes). We also weave your keyword phrases into the content to optimize it for search.

4. Edits

We provide one round of edits and incorporate your revisions.

5. Finalization

We send you the edited and proofed files in Microsoft Word. You are free to modify as needed.

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Search Engine Optimization Process

1. Strategy to Plan for Results

This is where we plan out the campaign to target the correct keyword phrases.

  • Research Effective Keyword Phrases
  • Advise on Domain Selection and Redirects

2. Site Optimization to Perfect Website Architecture

Generally, this is one-time, setup work that needs occasional revisions. It accounts for about 60% of our SEO success formula. Below is just a sample of our 50+ step checklist. Contact us today for more details on everything we include for on-site optimization, link building and analysis.

General Optimization

  • Revise title tags on top of web browser
  • Revise tags to fit industry standards


  • Update keyword phrases in footer of website to match SEO campaign
  • Make sure website has proper internal links
  • Ensure images are tagged to be read properly by search engines
  • Remove redundant “splash” entry pages

Spam check

  • No hidden text
  • No keyword stuffing
  • No redirect tags or doorway pages - techniques meant to fool search engines
  • No design elements that look good but hurt rankings  - lots of Flash, etc.

Domain Redirections

  • Make sure all traffic is driven to properly chosen domain name and pages.

Technical Modifications

  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Use files that ensure site ranks and redirects properly

Site Build Modification

  • Organize coding documents
  • Create list of pages for entire site
  • Install Google Analytics, a tracking tool that gives you statistics about site visitors
  • Integration of all social media accounts

Content Editing/Writing

  • Guidelines sent to client to write content (or client contracts for writing services)
  • Check pyramid structure of the website and content
  • Check body text, no keyword stuffing
  • Insert internal links with keywords
  • Include contact info
  • Check that bio profiles are fully rounded out
  • Blog posts and press releases created
  • Content edited for SEO

3. Link Campaign to Increase Authority

This is reoccurring work done on a monthly basis. It accounts for about 40% of our SEO success formula. Listed below are the general categories of link building that we conduct.

  • Link building
  • Local Submission and Setup
  • Submission of website to gallery and directory sites
  • Link partner research and analysis
  • Press release submission
  • Article submission
  • Social media integration and submission

4. Analyzing the Campaign to Improve Results

We work with your company monthly to improve your campaign.

Monthly reports of rankings

  • Monthly reports of web traffic
  • Re-optimization of text and tags, if needed
  • Monthly consultation, research or education
  • Free SEO website audit every 6 months

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Mobile Site Design Process

1. Becoming a Client (Laying The Foundation)

  1. Getting Started - Contract & Payment
  2. Creative Brief - Plan Your Goals

2. Creative Brainstorming (Drawing The Blueprints & Selecting Decor)

  1. Wireframe - Draw Outline & Define Style 
  2. Message & Imagery - Review Existing Site for Branding

3. Concept Presentation (Architecture & Design)

  1. Design Home Page and Subpage Concept
  2. Concept Review, Revisions
  3. Concept Approval

4. Development (General Contractor Build)

  1. Build Site and Test (CSS/HTML/PHP)
  2. Browser Testing/Mobile Detection Script - Ensuring Mobile Devices Default to new Mobile Site

5. Site Review (Inspection & Walk Through)

  1. Client Review - Examine Every Detail
  2. Punch List - One List of Revisions Please!
  3. Resubmit for Final Approval

6. Final Testing & Launch (Move Into Your New House!)

  1. Client Approval To Launch
  2. Final Internal Test
  3. Launch!

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