Technical Website Review

For every internet marketing campaign, we perform an in-depth technical review to ensure the website is in good standing and functioning properly.

If a website contains certain technical issues and errors, it ultimately causes search indexing problems and provides a poor user experience for the visitor. These issues can also negatively impact your keyword rankings and affect your website’s ability to be found by or in search engines.

As a result, we perform an estimated 100-point checklist to ensure there are no technical issues present. Some of our technical checklist items include looking for:

  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Website responsiveness on all devices
  • Duplicate title tags, meta descriptions & body content
  • Proper usage of headings
  • Broken links
  • Correct canonical linking
  • Excessive redirect chains for internal links
  • Valid XML sitemaps and robots.txt file
  • Proper status codes for active and non-active pages
  • Proper website caching and compression
  • Proper meta tags
  • Satisfactory website loading speed
  • Intrusive popups for mobile visits
  • SEO friendly URL structure
  • Safe browsing site status
  • Security issue or malware
  • Schema markup/structured data issues

You may be wondering, do the checklists evolve over time? The answer is yes.

As the internet marketing world progresses, we are always updating our technical checklist to stay on the cutting edge of what is important to review and/or update. We stay up to date with the latest technical SEO news and use the following tools to optimize our review process and check websites in a highly efficient manner:

  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Agency Analytics
  • XENU Link Sleuth
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

In addition to specifically reviewing the website, we also review your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account. We check for latest algorithm updates and determine how it could have negatively impacted the website along with many other items that relate to the overall health of the website. Other items we check for include:

  • Manual action or algorithmic search penalty
  • Drops in traffic, conversions or indexing status
  • Malware and security checks
  • Increases in search coverage errors
  • Increases in mobile usability errors
  • Increases in structured data errors

We also add every internet marketing campaign website to an uptime monitoring service. As a result, our websites are checked every 5 minutes to make sure they are up and running. This service helps us keep tabs on our websites at all times to ensure they are working properly, can be accessed by visitors, and crawled by search engines. When an issue does arise, we are quickly alerted and get our team to resolve any issues as soon as possible and restore service.

Overall, as you can tell, it is extremely important to make sure the website is technically sound because one small mistake or oversight can cause a catastrophe for your internet marketing campaign and website.

For example, if your robots.txt file was setup incorrectly, you could potentially block all search engines from indexing your website and it would never be found online. Our technical website review ensures this, and many other technical issues will never occur on your website.

This service is included with all internet marketing campaigns but if you are interested in having us review your website, we would be happy to provide you with a quote for services. Please feel free to contact us today if you are interested in our review.

Helping Firms Improve on Website Standing and Functionality

Our team will perform an in-depth technical review—goal is to ensure your website is functioning the best it can be.

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