Directory Listings are the Key to Traffic

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Great. You have a website. But it is merely sitting there and getting no traffic. One way to get traffic to your website is by getting signed up for the top legal and non-legal directories.

Directories offer two primary purposes. The first is to provide traffic to your website, which can generate new leads. The second is to provide more backlinks and information on the web about your business, which is vital for ranking high within Google search.

There are thousands of directories online to list your business. Some are free, others are paid and both types can be found in all kinds of categories. Your business should get listed in the directories that are high quality and relevant to your website. 

Excellent directories include local directories like Yellow Pages, industry-specific directories like Avvo and paid general directories like The more listings your business has, the more information you are sharing with Google and proving your legitimacy as a business.