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Keyword Research

All SEO Starts with Research.

Find out what keywords to target.


Keywords are the foundation of your internet marketing campaign. In order to figure out the best keywords to target we start by reviewing your business goals and objectives. The information we evaluate pertains to the products and services you offer and where you want to be found from a geographic perspective. After we have all of this information collected and solidified we can begin the keyword research process.

Our Process

Our process is broken up into four main steps: brainstorming, analyzing, evaluating, recommending.


The brainstorming process is multi-faceted and encompasses our client’s insight into the industry, PaperStreet’s ideas, competitor analysis and research tools that generate keyword ideas based on Google’s autocomplete feature. A combination of all of these ideas ensures we have covered all bases for our initial keyword brainstorming session. Some of our favorite tools for brainstorming keywords ideas are:


At this point in the process we have generated a massive list of potential keywords to target that relate to the client’s business objectives, goals and geographic location. The next step is to input our list of ideas into keyword research tools to find out the reality of how highly sought after and the ranking difficulty of our keyword ideas. Some of our favorite tools that we use for analyzing keywords are:


Once we have all of the necessary data for our keyword ideas we need to evaluate which keywords will be the best to target based on how often they are searched for and how difficult the competition will be. The goal is to find keywords that are highly sought after but do not warrant high competition with other websites. These can be difficult to find but with enough brainstorming and research it can be accomplished.


The next step after evaluating all of the keywords is to hone in our focus and prioritize what is most important. We want to define primary, secondary and tertiary keyword groups based upon the business objectives. The primary keywords will be the main focus of the campaign and all on going work will be for the cause of improving relevancy and authority for these particular keywords. The secondary and tertiary can be thought of as long term business objectives or for keywords that aren’t as important from a business perspective as the primary.

Once we have our finalized list, we work with our clients to make sure that the campaign starts off on the right trajectory and we are targeting the correct keywords in conjunction with the client’s business objectives and goals. From there, we evaluate the website from a content perspective and make recommendations to bolster the overall relevancy on the website for our targeted keywords.

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