Top 10 Tips for an Effective Pay-Per-Click Campaign

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Our Best Pay-Per-Click Tips

We have improved a variety of campaigns in the past year. We’re convinced that 2016 is the year that PPC is going to explode. Google search results are shrinking and PPC remains one of the ways you can maintain a presence at the top of the results page. Learn more about PPC and how it can help you grow your law firm.

Ready to start a campaign? Great! We recommend the following tips for success:

  1. Use Call Only Campaigns – A call only campaign is a great resource for most law firms, especially criminal defense, family and plaintiff firms. A call only campaign allows clients to call you directly, skipping the need to visit your website.
  2. Use PPC with Remarketing – Set-up remarketing to run in conjunction with your PPC campaign. We recommend you turn on remarketing for users who have searched for select keyword phrases to increase visibility of ads to potential clients.
  3. Test Multiple Ads – Try out new ad variations often and then take your best ads and vary them slightly to keep improving. There is always room for improvement.
  4. Focus on Local Clients – Set-up an AdGroup that can target local cities only for broad match terms. For example, a user in New Orleans then only has to search for “criminal defense lawyer.” Also set-up a campaign that can go national, but require the user to put in a geographic term such as “New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer.”  This strategy allows you to focus locally and reduce costs nationally.
  5. Target a Specific Device – You can organize your campaigns to target desktop, tablet or mobile users. You can even increase bid amounts based on devices.
  6. Only Run Ads When You Know Clients are Browsing – You can decrease your budget by scheduling your ads to only run at set times. Perhaps you know there is a time when clients will contact you or times when you don’t want to be contacted.  You can even raise or lower the bid amounts based on time of day.
  7. Utilize Negative Keywords – Negative keywords can reduce your ad spending by not bidding on phrases that are related by keyword phrase (but you know are off completely off topic). For example, you bid on “Dallas Family Lawyer,” but you may want to exclude traffic from “Dallas Family Lawyer for Adoption” if you don’t handle adoptions.
  8. Use Long Tail Keywords – Create a list of long tail keywords. They are usually less expensive, especially with direct matches.
  9. Use Ad Extensions – You want to use ad extensions to increase the size of your ad and offer more direct options to searchers. You can add on phone number, website links and other information to your ad.
  10. Set-Up Multiple AdGroups – You often want to set-up multiple AdGroups so your ads can be as specific as possible for each practice area. You also want to vary your match types to bring in the most relevant traffic.

Ready to Get Started?

PaperStreet offers free consultations to clients who may be interested in our PPC services. Call 954-523-2181 or contact us online.

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