7 Tips for Better PPC Banner Ad Tips for Law Firms

A white, rounded square logo with an abstract S-shaped design on a gradient blue and purple background.

We create a variety of banner ads. We have found that the following guidelines for creating banner ads typically generates higher clicks and an overall better brand for your law firm.

1. Be Bold

The goal is to draw attention to the ad on a cluttered website page. Use a bold color to draw attention to the ad, so that users will see your message.

Advertisement for Bloom Legal LLC, a New Orleans law firm. Services offered: traffic tickets, criminal defense, DWI. It mentions a "No Charge Initial Consultation.

2.  One Short Statement

You need a value proposition. Typically, this is expressing what your firm is about and why someone should click on your copy. Your copy needs to be seven (7) words or less. When creating the banner ad, think about short headlines that you would find on a billboard.

Advertisement for Thorn Law Group offering help with undisclosed offshore accounts. Includes contact prompt and features an image of the U.S. Capitol in the background.

3.  Logo

Unless you are doing a pure branding campaign, your logo is not as important. If you include the logo, make it small. Have a long firm name? Perhaps just name the first two partners, what the firm is called internally, or the domain name itself. Obviously, make the logo legible if you include it in the ad, but don’t make it the focus. The key to the ad is the headline that draws attention.

Advertisement for Douglas Hedstrom Attorneys, promoting experienced, effective, and affordable divorce lawyers with an offer for a free consultation. Image shows an adult and child's hands clasped together.

4.  Call to Action

You need to include a call to action, a reason to click and go to your website. K.I.S.S. Keep it short and simple. Examples: Learn More, Free Consult, Download Now, or Sign Up.  Make the call to action stand out on the page.

Banner ad for Disparti, Fowkes & Hasanbasic, P.A. with a message: "Injured in Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident in Florida?" and a red button labeled "FREE CONSULTATION.

5. Photo Optional?

Yes, photos are not always needed. In fact, sometimes photos can clutter a banner ad. Instead, we can use bold colors in lieu of photography, a small illustration and good typography to standout.

Advertisement banner for Zamansky LLC stating "Cutting Edge Investor Advocates". It also mentions "Securities Arbitration & Class Actions" and offers a "Free Consultation".

6. Smiling People

If you do use a photo, use smiling people, if possible. It simply works. People love looking at smiling people.

Advertisement for The Gorman Law Firm featuring a man in a suit. Text reads: "Aggressive Advocacy. Proven Results. Your New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer. Free Consultation.

7. Clutter

Do not clutter the ad. Keep it simple with a good headline, call to action, and small logo. Use either good color and/or a photo. Keep in mind that the entire ad does not have to be filled, use white space to balance the design.

Two hands gently holding each other with text "Financial Fraud and Elder Abuse Lawyers" and a "Free Consultation" button. Logo at the bottom reads "Evans Law.

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