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Local Service Ads by Google

Increase your leads with
Local Service Ads by Google.


Benefits of Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads (LSAs) allow verified law firms a new way to appear at the very top of the Google search result page. LSAs are the “next big thing” for law firm internet marketing, so early adoption is key to getting a competitive advantage in your designated market area.

  • Top of page placement in Google. LSAs load first, which gives your firm a considerable advantage over regular Pay-Per-Click ads, Google Maps listings, and even organic results.
  • Get Google Screened. Your firm will carry a verified Google Screened ✅ with an enhanced Google Business profile that lets searchers know that you are a legitimate, trusted company.
  • Pay for qualified leads, not clicks. Receive leads from potential clients who view your information and contact you directly from Google’s search results page. 
  • Lower cost per lead than traditional Google Ads

Due to the high visibility and pay-per-lead nature of the Local Service Ads, as well as the required approval process, it is advisable to get started on determining eligibility and onboarding for your firm as soon as possible. To find out more and see if you are eligible, contact PaperStreet for a free evaluation.

Premier Google Partner

LSAs by PaperStreet

We handle your Google verification, create and target the LSAs, and set up the campaigns. You pay for the Google ad cost and a PaperStreet management fee on the account to continually improve the campaign. The steps to proceed are simple:

  • Google Verification: To participate in LSAs you must be a Google verified business. We will work with you through the verification process. While PaperStreet can have your LSA campaign set up within 1-2 business days, the verification process runs through Google and their third-party verification system. As a result, this process can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Account Setup: Set up an initial consultation with PaperStreet to answer any questions and focus your campaign. Once your business is verified we will create your strategy, write and target the ads, and set up the campaign(s).
  • Reporting & Optimization: PaperStreet will provide monthly LSA reporting, recommendations, and monitor/manage the campaign. Ongoing campaign optimization includes review generation, testing bidding strategies, Google compliance rule changes, and other tactics to increase the volume and improve the quality of your leads.
  • Payment Management: While we put forth our greatest effort to drive quality leads, there may be times when leads come in from people who do not meet the criteria we have set in your LSA, such as those outside of your target area or looking for services your firm does not provide. We will dispute all unqualified leads that fall outside of those criteria with Google to try and get a refunded credit on your account.

Optional Add-On

  • Call Answering: One of the ranking factors for these ads is the firm's response time after a lead comes in. If assistance is needed, we are happy to recommend a PaperStreet partnered lead intake service. 


Our pricing is simple. We charge a low one-time setup fee to cover the time needed to consult with your firm, the verification process, and campaign setup. We also budget for a low monthly rate to manage, monitor, and most importantly, improve the campaign on a monthly basis.

  • Setup | $300 One-time
  • Account Management | $300 per month (or 10% of your ad spend, whichever is greater)
  • Ad Costs | Paid to Google with no Markup


How are leads allocated between firms? Does the firm that pays the most get the most leads?

The ads are shown using a bidding method similar to the one used on Google Ads, with the noticeable difference that the bidding is pay-per-lead instead of pay-per-click. As with Google Ads, firms who put more money into their local services ads, either in budget or in bid, are likely to get more leads. Even so, a firm can still get leads without having to go to extremes. It all depends on what your firm is looking to get out of the program.

If the potential client does not select a firm based on credentials and information on the website, how do they know if they are getting the right firm for them?

The ads themselves will show information like Google review ratings and years of experience for the firm. When clicking through on a local service ad, users are taken to a page on Google that shows information on the firm and any form of contact that has been selected for the LSA. This page is similar in appearance to a Google My Business listing.

Is this a third-party service that is going to be ahead of all other Google pay-per-click ads?

Yes and no. It is not a third-party service, as the ads are run through Google directly, but the local service ads will appear above any other PPC ads on the search results.

Are other firms participating in this?

This is still a growing service with Google, but we have seen many firms across the country opting into local service ads. Depending on the competition level in the area, we have seen as few as two to five or as many as 50 or more firms using LSAs.

Why is PaperStreet suggesting this as opposed to pay-per-click?

To be clear, we aren't. While they can run on their own, local service ads do not offer the level of control in targeting that you have with traditional PPC and Google ads, so they represent more of a complement than a replacement. If you don't have PPC with PaperStreet, LSAs can be a great starting point to dip your toe into the paid search waters. For existing PPC clients, they offer an opportunity to increase your presence and visibility in search results while also bringing in more potential clients.

If this started over the Summer of 2020 for law firms, why are local service ads only now being offered by PaperStreet as of late Fall 2020?

Quite simply, because we wanted it to be done right, not fast. We spent that time researching, testing, and working with Google to make sure we are able to offer a service that meets the quality standards that PaperStreet has been providing for nearly two decades.

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Case Studies

Zamansky LLC

Top Position For Competitive Leads


Zamansky LLC


We launched a successful ad campaign targeting multi-million dollar clients that had been involved in a poorly-managed investing strategy. Within weeks, we were #1 in the ad block and brought in leads that provided the firm with several years' worth of revenue. Despite increased competition within the ad space, we have continued to hold high positioning and improve conversion volumes month over month.


Hains Law, LLC

Tripled the number of appointments for consultations month over month


Hains Law, LLC


Within 25 days of launching a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account focusing on Family Law in Carmel, IN, Hains Law has over a 20% conversion rate and has tripled the number of appointments for consultations month over month. SEO has been beneficial for the client as well. "Strictly from SEO alone, I have had at least 5 new appointments with potential clients. I am definitely seeing a return on my investment for SEO" - Joshua Hains


Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley

Personal Injury Sister Sites


Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley


Personal injury is the most competitive area of pay-per-click marketing for lawyers. By setting up individual targeted campaigns with related sister sites for each separate personal injury topic, we were able to increase the quality score and drive down the cost per click.


The Bickel Law Firm

25% Leads Increase Each Year


The Bickel Law Firm


A statewide California lemon law firm became a client of ours in 2001. In 2013, they began PPC services and we have consistently increased leads by 25% each year. To date, their paid search campaign brings in 100 leads per month for about $105 per lead.


Levine Law

Double Conversions for Half the Cost


Levine Law


Personal injury and workers' compensation cases has proven to be costly and competitive in the PPC arena. With constant monitoring of keyword bids, testing ad copy and optimizing their landing page, a Denver accident law firm has cut their cost per lead in half and has doubled conversions year over year.


Douglas Law Firm

Leads Increase 5x Within Six Months


Douglas Law Firm


A Florida-based law firm with a variety of practice areas began working with us to drive leads through PPC efforts. We aim to consistently beat metrics and exceed client expectations. Conversions have increased by nearly 5x in the past 6 months with a cost per lead of only $72. Additionally, cost per click has dropped 26 percent.


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