Keep Your Web Content Evergreen – 10 Ways to Help (Updated 2024)

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Have you ever come across a website that had outdated graphics or stale information? If so, you likely figured that out within the first 30 seconds of clicking on the website. Unless your website is intended to provide historical information to potential clients and customers, it is important to keep your content as evergreen as possible.

So, what is evergreen content?  Evergreen content brings much-needed traffic and provides value all while remaining relevant for months and even years to come. Simply put, it’s content that doesn’t have an expiration date and can be applied to various situations at any given moment.

Now, don’t take this to mean that all aged information is invaluable to your readers and potential clients. In fact, some historical information and statistics may help provide much-needed context to the subject matter at hand. Still, there are ways to incorporate that information into fresh, meaningful content that will remain useful for quite a long time. Consider the following when thinking about ways to keep your content evergreen.

  1. Changes in the Law – A new law creates a flurry of online conversation and opportunity for topical blog posts, media commentary, opinion pieces, and local social posts. We’ve got our eye on a possible PIP repeal. Get ahead of the news.
  2. Using the Right Keywords are Key – No matter the topic, make sure your evergreen content is focused on responding to the needs of your potential customers and clients. That means your content needs to incorporate relevant keywords that you can find by simply performing a Google search yourself and reviewing the People Also Ask section.
  3. New Content for a New Year – Update your content to showcase your wins, testimonials, awards, and more. If your website is stale, then clients will lose interest. Keep your website up-to-date with announcements and key facts.
  4. Create Tutorials and Guides –  It’s human nature. When we need help figuring out something or learning how to do something, we seek online help from a guide or tutorial on the subject. For law firms and business owners, a few good quality guides and tutorials can work to keep eyes on your site and readers/potential clients engaged and interested in what you have to offer.
  5. Content Marketing Plan To Get Clients – The main factor of search rankings is content. You need a plan of action to write a monthly long-form post about your key practice areas. Educate clients and become a resource. Otherwise, you risk a competing firm to get your leads.
  6. Long-Form Content to Rank in Search – Improve your content with best practice guides. The days of short-form 500-word posts are long past. You need to produce the best guide that is 2,000+ words to rank high – only then will you rank in search.
  7. Update Bios to Showcase your Talent – Bios are the most visited page on your website. You have done a lot, so let it showcase online. Your bio is probably stale. It is time to get a better photo, update your history, and make sure you shine.
  8. Avoid Discussing Specific Dates and Events –  If you want your content to remain relevant for the ages, try to avoid mentioning current events and specific dates. For example, writing an article about working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic may be considered outdated information on its own. However, writing a general article about how working from home has become “the norm” for many in 2023 and mentioning the pandemic as a point of reference can still be viewed as evergreen.
  9. Reimagine Existing Content –  Think you already have a fabulous piece of content on your site? Why not keep it working for you by repurposing it. How? You can create an infographic from the information to share with others. Or consider creating a video about some aspect of the content that will speak directly to your potential clients and customers.
  10. Select the Right Topic for Your Niche – Try to avoid trendy topics where possible. Sure, you may pick up a huge amount of traffic to start; however, if your goal is to have consistent and ongoing clientele, ensure your evergreen content attracts relevant clients and keeps their traffic over an extended period of time by discussing your niche in a way that keeps potential clients wanting more.  

Evergreen Content Is Important…But Why?

As noted above, evergreen content brings actual, organic traffic to your site. When individuals conduct a search for answers to a specific question, your web page will likely end up in the search results — especially if your page addresses a highly-searched topic.

Also, evergreen content tends to show up on the first page of Google and other search engines. Like it or not, most people never scroll beyond the first page of a search engine, so having your content front and center (preferably at the top of the page) is crucial. And if your firm or business is constantly on the first page, that will definitely keep your relevancy intact.

PaperStreet Can Help You Create Winning Evergreen Content

PaperStreet is an approved member benefit provider for The Florida Bar. We have assisted more than 2,000 law firms over the past 20+ years. We would appreciate the opportunity to help your firm or business stand out in a crowded market.

Contact us today to set up a consultation about your content strategy and updates. We look forward to hearing from you

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