Keep Your Web Content Evergreen – 5 Ways to Help (Updated 2022)

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Content is the most important asset for your firm. What does your website say about you? Whether you simply want to explain your services, or need to rank in Google, then content will get you there. Below are just a couple of content items to keep in mind when writing and editing:

  1. Changes in the Law – A new law creates a flurry of online conversation and opportunity for topical blog posts, media commentary, opinion pieces, and local social posts. We’ve got our eye on a possible PIP repeal. Get ahead of the news.
  2. New Content for a New Year – Update your content to showcase your wins, testimonials, awards, and more. If your website is stale, then clients will lose interest. Keep your website up-to-date with announcements and key facts.
  3. Content Marketing Plan To Get Clients – The main factor of search rankings is content. You need a plan of action to write a monthly long-form post about your key practice areas. Educate clients and become a resource. Otherwise, you risk a competing firm to get your leads.
  4. Long-Form Content to Rank in Search – Improve your content with best practice guides. The days of short-form 500-word posts are long past. You need to produce the best guide that is 2,000+ words to rank high – only then will you rank in search.
  5. Update Bios to Showcase your Talent – Bios are the most visited page on your website. You have done a lot, so let it showcase online. Your bio is probably stale. It is time to get a better photo, update your history, and make sure you shine.

PaperStreet is an approved member benefit provider for The Florida Bar. We have helped over 2,000 law firms in the past 20 years. We would love to help your firm stand out in a crowded market.

Contact us today to set up a consultation at 954-523-2181 about your content strategy and updates. We look forward to hearing from you.

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