Florida Repealing PIP? Hey, Florida Personal Injury Lawyers, Update Your Website!

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In May, lawmakers in Florida took a big step toward potentially repealing PIP (personal injury protection). At PaperStreet, we get excited about law changes.  A new law creates a flurry of online conversation and opportunity for topical blog posts, media commentary, opinion pieces, and local social posts. 

A change in legislation like this impacts all Florida motorists and every personal injury and insurance defense attorney in the state. As a legal marketer, it’s my duty to share with you how you can leverage this piece of news to your online benefit. 

Content Marketing Opportunities for Florida Senate Bill 54: Motor Vehicle Insurance

The best marketing online is content marketing. Take advantage of the opportunity for your firm to develop and share relevant news and information with your audience and clients. 

  • Add a blog post about the breaking news. Watch the news and add a blog post as updates develop. Pro Tip: Set up a calendar and schedule more related posts like opinion pieces about how this may impact insurance rates, what Florida motorists can expect, a breakdown of past attempts to repeal PIP, what PIP means, etc.
  • Update your core practice pages. Your core website pages, like Car Accidents, for example, very well may reference PIP, explain what it is, and even cite the law. Make an effort to update this information so your web pages don’t read like old news. 
  • Reach out to local media for quote opportunities. As a Florida personal injury lawyer, you are an expert in this area and would be a valued opinion to local journalists looking to create content over the potential new legislation. 
  • Write guest posts online. Forums, online listings, and bloggers will be looking for experts to speak on the slated law change.
  • Create a social media poll. Ask your social media audiences what they think about SB 54. Pro Tip: Their comments can be great blog topic suggestions.
  • Post a video explaining what it means for the average Jane and Joe. It is not going to be obvious to every Floridian how SB 54 could impact their life. Get on Facebook Live, or record a video and upload it to your social channel explaining what the proposed legislation means in the simplest of terms. 
  • Send a notice to your client list. Your clients expect you to be there for help when they need it. Updating them on legislation that will directly impact their insurance needs (and wallets) can help you maintain trust. Draft an e-newsletter or e-blast to explain what’s happening to your past clients.
  • Set a reminder for November 2022. If there are no successful court challenges, the new law will go into effect on January 1, 2022. Set a reminder for Nov. 1, 2022, to ensure your content calendar circles back to this topic, as it will soon be relevant again. 

How PaperStreet’s Lawyer Writers Can Help

PaperStreet can help you develop a plan for each of these actions above. We have an entire team of attorney writers who can get you the material you need quickly and help you further brainstorm opportunities or connect you with media and link-building opportunities in your area. Contact us today to get started. 

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