Adjectives and Adverbs Are Not All That Bad: Previous Posts to Reignite Your Love For Content

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Most clients find pictures, fonts and colors to be more exciting than the words on a page, but you would be wise to give the content of your website a second look.  While it may not be all that thrilling, website copy is critical to the goals of your website, whether it be converting visitors to clients, establishing a presence in your field, or ranking high with search engines.

Every director at PaperStreet will tell you content dictates how they approach a new project.  Organized and detailed copy is essential to the web design process and a successful SEO campaign, yet incomplete content is the number one reason that site launches are delayed.

I imagine this is because clients do not enjoy crafting grammatical sentences as much as they do the art for their home page, but just like your mother forced you to eat your vegetables, creating compelling content is something we insist our clients do.

Let’s put some fun back into creating your website content.

PaperStreet staff have attempted to convince clients that content is not the broccoli of web design.  Check out their blog posts below for a recap on writing for headlines and title tags, developing blog post ideas and deciding whether to create new content, or revamp the old.

These are all important topics in the copy development stage.  Perhaps a little refresher will make them less of a chore.

Movie Titles Can Teach You to Write Better Title Tags and Headlines

Pete, our General Guru, believes that movie titles can teach you to write better title tags and headlines.

He’s right.  Movie titles are vague.  They divulge enough information to get you to fork over $20 dollars at the theater, but nothing more.  Headline and title tag information is the exact opposite.  If your headlines and title tags sound like they could be a movie title, you are doing it wrong.

Hit that Wall? 5 Blog Post Ideas to Help You Brainstorm

We advise our clients to blog regularly.  In the midst of running your practice, developing blog posts can be a burden, but it does not have to be another item on your to-do list (or your assistant’s).  More than likely, in the span of the week, you have addressed an issue or answered a question that can easily be turned into a blog post.

Check your email, look at your meeting minutes, review your office policies and take a look at the news—these are some of our tips to help make determining a blog post quick and easy.

Revamp or Redo?

Writing for a website is time consuming, but is your current copy is outdated and lame? How do you decide whether to revamp the old stuff or go for a complete redo?

Like everything, this depends on the goals of your website.  Your current website copy may have some indicators that it needs an adjustment.

Bottom Line

At PaperStreet we use the example that building a website is like building a house.  Content is your furniture.  No one is going to come to your house if there is nowhere to sit.

When you are pleased with your rankings and increase in new clients, you can thank your awesome content.  After all, broccoli does its job—making websites and people strong since day one.


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