PRWeb.com Won’t Accept Your Press Release? Here Are Some Alternative Solutions for Getting Your Content Out There

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About PR Distribution Services

PRWeb.com is a source for attorneys and law firms to distribute their news. However, they can be selective in what they accept and distribute.

A client was looking to submit press releases announcing case-related investigations for distribution. The press releases were announcing that the firm was trying to attract claimants for class action lawsuits.

Here are some examples of the “investigation” type content.

The material borders on the line of advertising, which may be the reason PRWeb.com decided to no longer distribute the copy.

Regardless, we found two companies—similar to PRWeb.com—who will accept press releases with language that asks consumers to contact them regarding a particular type of claim that they are investigating.



This company offers packages from free to $385 dollars. Depending on the package you choose, anyone submitting to the legal category may have to provide additional paperwork (sign a Conditions of Service), but we confirmed with a representative that they would accept these press releases, although all content is subject to edits to meet their criteria.



“The style is fine,” said a representative of lawfirmnewswire.com too. However, they reminded us that the copy has to be submitted through them before it is posted to a website blog (Google’s rules).


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