3 Common Video Mistakes To Avoid

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Making Your Own Video? Avoid These Common Beginner Mistakes

  1. Lengthy Explanations (Get to The Point)

There is a very short window to capture the attention of your audience. Don’t include a lengthy intro or opening speech; quickly get into your main points. Most of the time a shorter video is more helpful to the end user. In general, aim for around 1-2 minutes. However the time will depend on the context of your video.

  1. Reading a Script (Be Conversational, Don’t Read)

If you find it difficult to casually speak to an audience you may be tempted to read from a script. Having an outline of your points is fine, but instead of reading each line directly, you should simply reference them and speak as if you were talking to a client or coworker.

  1. Providing General Information (Offer Value)

It may sound obvious the video must be valuable, but in order to truly determine this you should ask yourself two questions:

  • Is this helpful or interesting?
  • Would I want to watch this and share it with others?

Asking these questions will help put you in the shoes of your target audience and provide a new perspective. If you can’t answer yes to both of these questions, go back to the drawing board. When brainstorming, check out videos and articles already on the web about the topic. Think of ways to present it in a new or better way by either offering more detailed information or taking a completely different approach.

Bonus Tips

  • If you film multiple videos at once use different outfits and multiple settings (outside, inside, different rooms, etc.). This will give variety to your videos and help set them apart from one another.
  • Don’t shoot at awkward angles such as a side view, too far away, or without enough light. Remove any distracting objects from the room and make sure any props are clearly visible.
  • Take a still image before or after you film a video to use as a custom thumbnail. This way you won’t need to search through the video for a quality shot to use.
  • Don’t feel as if you need to get it right on the first take. Practice a few times and watch the footage to find ways to improve. Get a second or third opinion.

Still have questions? Contact us for more information. If you have a tip we didn’t mention please feel free to leave a comment.

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