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“Mobilegeddon” is Upon Us: What it Means for Your Rankings & Website

New Updates May Change Your Mobile Search Rankings Google rarely shares with the world definitive dates about when their algorithm updates will happen … but just recently, they did. In a recent statement, the Internet giant announced that more mobile…

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SEO Optimization Guidelines in Less Than Two Minutes

New Industry Standards In about two minutes or less, I’m going to go through three points that explain the 2015 industry standards as it applies to Google regarding a solid optimized page.  Two Direct Keyword Matches First, make sure that…

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Top SEO Case Studies with PaperStreet

We know we do good work, but when you see it all laid out in a nicely formatted blog post it really makes your day. The Internet marketing portion of our company is the fastest growing (who doesn’t want to…

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Internet Marketing Benefits: Reinforcing the Importance of Social Media

We spend a lot of time reinforcing the importance of active social media accounts. Some clients need to do more with it and some clients just don’t buy it at all. They don’t think it is important. Yet, it is a…

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Webinar: SEO is a Partnership

Learn more about the importance of the client-marketing firm relationship when engaging in a new SEO campaign. Myself and David, Lead SEO, breakdown the duties and expectations for a successful campaign.   Webinar Translation Alex: This entire webinar is based…

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Now Hiring: SEO Content Editor & Blog Coordinator

THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED. THANKS FOR APPLYING. PaperStreet is looking for a part-time SEO savvy writer and organizer to join our team. This person will help manage and develop all new and existing content for SEO clients. This includes…

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Quick Glance Guidelines for On-page Optimization

*This blog post is old. Check out the new optimization standards, as of February 2015. As a reminder and refresher to our team, we recently sent an update to all of our SEO writers with suggestions for tweaking their focus in…

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The Most Basic SEO Best Practices List You’ve Ever Seen

Dominating Google is no easy task. Sometimes search engine optimization can be complex, so every now and then it is beneficial to step back and look at the big picture. In order to do that, you have to simplify. Below…

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Should I Pay For Link Removal? Nah … Disavow Them

Your website’s monthly maintenance is probably expensive enough. Lucky for you, Google doesn’t want you to spend any more green making bad links disappear. If you are cleaning the links to your website to improve your search engine rankings you…

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Best Practices: Search Engine Optimization for Writers

Earlier this week I spoke to the PaperStreet content team about search engine optimization and how, as writers, the content team can incorporate best practices into the blogs and pages they write for clients. You can view the full PowerPoint…

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