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Alex DiSebastianSEO Authority, Relevancy & Partnership: The Recipe to Top Rankings

In order to stay competitive, it’s important to engage in building a better web presence for your company. By following these guidelines and investing in new content, links and upgrades, you will succeed long-term.

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Alex DiSebastianGoogle Update Limits Organic Search Results, Stresses Diverse Internet Marketing Plan

Last week, Google made yet another update to their search results page and now four AdWords ads are appearing at the top of the search results. In addition, the right-hand sidebar has been removed.

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Alex DiSebastianWhat SEO Campaigns and Your Gym Membership Have in Common

Everyone knows that a gym membership is a necessary evil if you want to lose weight and stay healthy. Something everyone might not know, but what every marketer understands, is that staying involved in your internet marketing campaign is a necessary evil to produce the best possible results.

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Alex DiSebastianDon Draper Doesn’t Know the Internet, but His Principles Apply to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing principles are the same as the principles shown on the hit television series MadMen. PaperStreet is more like Don Draper than you think.

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Alex DiSebastianQuestions to Ask Before You Start an SEO Campaign

We find many clients do not think of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) as marketing, but that’s exactly what it is. SEO and PPC are internet marketing. Before you start a campaign you have to evaluate, as a…

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Alex DiSebastian“Mobilegeddon” is Upon Us: What it Means for Your Rankings & Website

New Updates May Change Your Mobile Search Rankings Google rarely shares with the world definitive dates about when their algorithm updates will happen … but just recently, they did. In a recent statement, the Internet giant announced that more mobile…

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Alex DiSebastianSEO Optimization Guidelines in Less Than Two Minutes

New Industry Standards In about two minutes or less, I’m going to go through three points that explain the 2015 industry standards as it applies to Google regarding a solid optimized page.  Two Direct Keyword Matches First, make sure that…

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Alex DiSebastianTop SEO Case Studies with PaperStreet

We know we do good work, but when you see it all laid out in a nicely formatted blog post it really makes your day. The Internet marketing portion of our company is the fastest growing (who doesn’t want to…

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Alex DiSebastianInternet Marketing Benefits: Reinforcing the Importance of Social Media

We spend a lot of time reinforcing the importance of active social media accounts. Some clients need to do more with it and some clients just don’t buy it at all. They don’t think it is important. Yet, it is a…

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Alex DiSebastianWebinar: SEO is a Partnership

Learn more about the importance of the client-marketing firm relationship when engaging in a new SEO campaign. Myself and David, Lead SEO, breakdown the duties and expectations for a successful campaign.   Webinar Translation Alex: This entire webinar is based…

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