The Content on Your Website is Like Filling Silos on a Farm with Crops

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Content is Important to Rankings

The analogy: The number of practice areas you are seeking to rank for and the number of pages you write for each is representative of silos on a farm filled with crops.

When we create a new site architecture or content strategy for our clients we seek to do one thing: become a bigger resource than their competition. Web users looking for a lawyer have many choices. Your content is the number one way you can convince them that they should work with your law firm.

If your competitor as 30 personal injury pages your website better have 40. We present these as suggestions to you, but understand if you fail to implement a solid content strategy in conjunction with your SEO campaign, you will likely fail. Content is just that important.

The number of practice areas you are seeking to rank for and the number of pages you write for each is representative of silos on a farm filled with crops.

The Silos are Filled with Crops Just as Your Practice Areas are Filled with Pages

OK, let’s break down the analogy. Imagine you have a farm. Within this farm you produce a certain number of crops. You also have multiple sized silos on your farm to store these crops. All the silos are linked together and can flood into each other if opened. Your objective is to fill all the silos with a bountiful amount of crops.

The farm is your website. The crops are the content that you have on your website. The silos are the practice areas that you are targeting. To meet your objective you want to have a massive amount enough of content (i.e. crops) to fill the multiple sized silos that you have. Now, if one of these silos is opened up (i.e. and you go after another practice area), you are then telling the search engines that you have enough crops on your farm to fill all these silos and thus, become more relevant than your competition.

Let’s Look at an Example

For the sake of this example, let’s say you are a criminal defense firm and you want to become relevant and market for criminal defense and some of the subsets within that practice area, which include DUI, traffic tickets, and expungement.

You have a website (i.e. a farm) and let’s say you have content for criminal defense (the largest silo to fill); traffic tickets (a smaller silos) and expungement (the smallest silo). You have more than enough content to fill all these silos but then realize you are missing out on DUI cases.

Generally speaking, DUI is much more competitive and thus would be the second largest silo. You do not want to simply open up that silo until you have the content (i.e. the crops) to fill that silo. Once you do, the other silos (that are all connected) will level out and, more importantly, lower their contents since they are trying to fill this new silo.

In the SEO world we refer to this as the “relevancy of your website.” In the example above the relevancy of your website would lower for the practice areas that you were once ranking for unless you first had to content (i.e. crops) to support your new practice area (DUI).

The Bottom Line: Don’t Create a New Silo Until You Have the Crops to Fill It

No one would launch a website claiming they are a certain type of lawyer without having at least a little bit of content to support that claim. The same is true for the practice areas that you want to rank for. If you want to move in and target new practice areas you need to have the content to support the move, otherwise your entire campaign suffers.

It’s as simple as creating the content first, doing more than your competitors and filling your website with a bountiful of high valued content and crops that all can enjoy and benefit from.



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