Google Map Pack Update – Are you Ready?

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Recently, we were informed that Google’s map pack that has three results will soon be updated to include two organic results and one paid result. Google still has not confirmed when this update will be implemented, but it is most likely coming this fall.

Continuing Shrinking of Organic Results and Map Pack

In August 2015, we saw a similar update when the local pack went from seven listings down to three (we expressed our displeasure then). This latest announcement will now allow the highest bidder in AdWords to prominently rank within the Local Map Pack.  Thus local organic struggle essentially is more competitive now.  Google is a business too and this is an opportunity for them to increase revenue. Fortunately, we can combat this change in two ways.

Start a AdWords Pay-Per-Click Campaign

We recommend you start an AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign based on your competition and practice areas. Paid ads are found at the top of search and will be found in the map pack now too.  These coveted spots bring in leads daily for our clients.

The great part of an AdWords campaign is that it is guaranteed impressions, clicks and rankings. Moreover, it is very cost-effective.  Our campaigns almost always return a positive result when properly optimized.

We can get new potential clients on average for about $50 per lead, once a campaign is fully running and optimized for conversions.  This is an investment we do for our own business and for over 40 current law firms too.  By incorporating both PPC and SEO to your overall campaign strategy, this is a smart way to fully invest in Internet Marketing.

SEO & Location Optimization

If you are not interested in setting up an ad campaign, then we need to increase organic SEO and local optimization efforts.  In short, the map pack has very specific algorithm needs. In order to increase your rankings we need to make sure:

  • Your office is in the address of the city you are targeting and are close to city center.
  • All your Citations with Name, Address, and Phone are the same.
  • You have the correct Google Business Categories.
  • Have quality citations, domain authority, services and content.
  • …and about 45 other factors.

We will be in touch with specific steps to increase your content, citations, and Google business locations.  We may need your assistance in these updates.

Next Steps – Start an AdWords Campaign

We advise all SEO clients to setup an AdWords campaign.  As a SEO VIP client, we can do this on a discount rate. Moreover, we have no contracts.  You can stop the ad campaign at any time, if it is not converting for your firm.  We will advise once the new algorithm update officially occurs. Until then, let’s increase local rankings through SEO and PPC.

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