The Google Penguin 2.0 Update: Your Involvement Necessary

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Google Penguin Algorithm Update

On May 22nd 2013, Google rolled out its next generation of the Penguin algorithm update affecting its searches. Based on the magnitude of the update, it definitely warranted the information listed below.

Penguin 2.0 is all about Link Quality

At PaperStreet, we pride ourselves on the quality of links that we establish for your campaign.  The quality of these links is one of the major factors that Google takes into consideration when evaluating a website.  Google prefers high quality trusted links that lead authority to your website, over a high quantity of less valued links. In other words, quality is greater than quantity.


While most websites have not been affected by this update (Google reports only 2.3% of US queries), we have noticed a trend:

  1. Directories are now occupying most of the top slots of any given phrase. We have always recognized the power of these listings, however, they have been given even more importance after the update. If you want to rank high, it has become almost necessary to be part of good directories. Some high ranking directories we recommend include:
    1. Avvo.com
    2. Superpages.com
    3. Yelp.com
    4. YP.com
    5. Findlaw.com
    6. Lawyers.com
    7. Superlawyers.com
    8. Other specific legal directories like HG.org
  2.  Google Local (being on Google Maps) is SUPER important at this stage.  Google is fully taking these local searches into account when calculating the ranking status of any top 10 phrase result.
  3.  Google Authorship is now consistently showing up in results. (This is when the small thumbnail image of the author shows up next to the article. For example, when you Google “Law Firm Web Presence” an image of Peter Boyd will appear next to his article).  Authorship is attracting even more visits than the top rankings above it. Complying with these factors and taking the Google Plus factor into any SEO campaign is another extremely high recommendation of ours.

Next Steps

We cannot stress enough that in order to stay highly competitive in a SEO campaign, it will be mandatory to make certain updates to your site.  It is obvious that Google is stressing that we use their products, i.e. the Google Authorship, Google+ and Google Local.

PaperStreet’s Stance

We will continue to build the strongest campaigns possible for our clients.  We will continually research the best keyword phrases, and build quality links for our SEO websites.  We will also vow to keep our clients abreast of any changes in the industry.

Necessary Client Work

In order to stay competitive with the ever-evolving internet market, we need our SEO clients to help us maintain their relevance and authority. To garner the highest rankings, it is important to approve and move forward with all of our recommendations.  We recommend establishing a strong web presence via:

  1. A Google Plus account;
  2. A Google Local account;
  3. Other Social Media accounts;
  4. A Blog;
  5. Top Quality Directory Listings (list above);
  6. Weekly content writing for your website.


It is truly a pleasure working with our SEO clients to help gain a competitive web presence. SEO is a symbiotic relationship. We have just as much of a vested interest in a campaigns’ success as much as our clients want it to succeed.

Our team is always striving to achieve the best results in an honest manner. If you would like to speak with us further about the Penguin update, or about other steps you might take to strengthen any SEO campaign, do not hesitate to contact us. If anything, we encourage and welcome it!  We are here to help.

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