Quick Glance Guidelines for On-page Optimization

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*This blog post is old. Check out the new optimization standards, as of February 2015.

As a reminder and refresher to our team, we recently sent an update to all of our SEO writers with suggestions for tweaking their focus in order to comply with Google’s preferences.

Below is the memo we sent to our staff:

  • Learn and love this page (really, learn to love the entire website) 
  • At a minimum, Google wants to see an exact match keyword phrase embedded into the content 4 times, at a minimum. These areas are within:
    • the title tag of the page
    • the meta description of the page
    • the headline
    • the body content
  • Remember the importance of “deconstructing” the word that we are targeting within the body content. For example, if we are targeting “Chocolate Donuts,” we want to make sure the content speaks of “chocolate” and “donuts,” not just “chocolate donuts.”
  • The page that we are targeting undoubtedly needs to be optimized for the subject matter in which that page is about, even if this page is not one of the keywords that we are targeting. For example, if a client deals with liability but they have a page on their website that is about Equine Law, we need to make sure that this page is optimized for Equine Law (even if this is not a targeted keyword) and not forcing the subject matter to be about liability.

Need More Assistance? We Can Help!

We have a staff of writers who are trained to write compelling copy that is optimized to produce search engine optimization results.  We can write one page or 100 pages about a variety of practice areas and topics.

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