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On April 10,  I had the honor of speaking at the Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) annual conference in Las Vegas. My presentation was called Shrink or Swim; 2013: The Year of Responsive Web Design.

Essentially, the lifeblood of PaperStreet is built off of law firms. Law firms encompass over 80% of our business. Having said this, we have had the opportunity to review, update and design quite a bit of law firm websites – over 750 if you are a numbers person. All and all, a lot of law firm web designs are truly stepping up to the plate from a technology perspective. This is a great sign that the legal community is progressively learning more about the power a website can possess.

Nevertheless, the LMA was jammed pack this year revealing there is still an eagerness throughout the legal community to learn more. Speaking engagements ran the gamut from the power of CRMs; to the usefulness of QR Codes; to Social Media Management within a law firm; and, of course, Responsive Web Design.

Why Responsive Web Design?

Mobile devices (both in sales and in usage) is on the rise.  The most common question that law firms need to ask themselves is if their website is responding and adapting to the devices it is being viewed on. Responsive web design is the answer to that question.

Aside from visually conforming, responsive web design is full of other added benefits. Just a few are listed below:

  • maintenance only needs to be managed on one website (as opposed to a separate mobile website)
  • SEO only needs to be done on one site
  • bounce rates generally drop since users are able to see your website on any device they are trying to find you on

The LMA conference in Las Vegas gave our team at PaperStreet, the chance to explain all of these benefits.  We were able to explain why having a responsive website is in the best interest of a law firm.

The slides from my presentation can be found below:

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PaperStreet’s team can assist in building or converting your website into a responsive design. Below are a few great examples of some responsive websites we have already completed:




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