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Andrew portraitHow to Make the Search Feature in Your Blog Only Search Blog Posts

Editing Your Blog Search Box to Only Produce Results in Your Blog Recently a client asked us if we could adjust the blog search feature to only search posts in the blog (rather then searching individual pages of the website).…

Andrew portraitGoogle Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools – Now Must Link to Retrieve SEO Data in Google Analytics

Two of the major Google applications people talk about are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Due to recent updates in the Analytics Dashboard area, we are finding them to coincide more now than ever.

Andrew portraitAchieving A High Quality Logo on Every Device

Do you want to display the highest quality logo possible on your website? One that will not be pixelated on small screens or higher resolution devices? Of course you do. Keep reading. The Problem With great power, comes great design.…

Andrew portraitGoogle Webmaster Tools – Using the HTML Improvements Section for SEO performance

Google has been updating the Webmaster Tools interface quite frequently and one of the newest additions to Webmaster Tools is the HTML Improvements section, which can be found under the Search Appearance section of Google Webmaster Tools.

Andrew portraitMaking WordPress User Friendly for Law Firms

One of the most common issues people run into when working with WordPress is organizing their content in the Pages tab so it is easily maintainable moving forward. Previously you would have to list all your pages in the ‘Pages’ tab of WordPress. And if you had a lot of pages, searching through all of these pages could quickly become a hardship.

Andrew portraitGoogle Analytics – How to Read and Use the Information

What is Google Analytics? Why is it important? What can i use this information for?

Andrew portraitSetting Up an Organized SEO Campaign from Day One

A successful SEO campaign begins from day 1 with setting up your Google Account. Your Google Account can be used to store almost all the SEO information for your firm.

Andrew portraitSet Up Google Webmaster Tools for SEO in Less Than 10 Minutes

How to do a basic setup of Google Webmaster Tools for SEO performance. There are many things you can do in Webmaster Tools. But this quick list which can be completed in under 10 minutes will set your site up for success in Google’s Search Engine.

Andrew portraitFixing the get_posts() Query for Custom Post Types

The problem is not your code! In the WordPress Dashboard area go to Custom Post Types > Manage Custom Post Types, then select ‘Edit’ for the particular Post Type you are having issues with. Open up the ‘Advanced Options’ on the left side. Scroll down to where it says ‘Hierarchical’ and select ‘True’.

Andrew portraitPaperStreet Achieves Immediate Traffic Improvements with Law Firm Website Redesign

Recently, PaperStreet was tasked with redesigning a website for Bloom Legal geared toward traffic ticket law in the New Orleans area.  The website,, was doing well for a small site, but needed to increase page views, decrease the bounce…

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