YouTube – How to Disable Related Videos From Embedded Youtube Video

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When embedding YouTube videos to a website, there is a common question: How do you remove the related videos from the end of the video?

First, why would you want to remove related videos from the end of your YouTube video?  The answer is simple; let’s say you are an Intellectual Property lawyer who has posted a video regarding IP Law.  At the end of the video, it shows related videos – including one of your competitors and one that is unrelated or irrelevant. This is when you would need to Disable Related Videos.

Suppose we use the following link to embed the video on a site:

This will play the video, but upon completion is will list related videos.

Screenshot of a YouTube video showing two side-by-side sections: one with an image of bone structure labeled "Osteoporosis and bone health," and the other with a man talking, labeled "The Dangers of Bone and Os.

To remove the related video’s simply add “&rel=0” to the end of the link.  This will give the video a relevance of 0:

Adding this code will make the end of the video appear like this:

Screenshot of a YouTube video player at the end of a video. Visible buttons include Replay, a link icon, and an embed icon with code. The video duration shows 2:56 / 2:56.

These shortcodes can also be used to automatically start videos when the page loads.  To add the automatic start feature to your embedded YouTube video, simply add the code “&autoplay=1”.  This will Set the video to begin autoplaying when the page or link loads.

To have your YouTube video automatically start and have no related videos you would just add both shortcodes to the end of your link:

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