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One of the most common issues people run into when working with WordPress is organizing their content in the Pages tab so it is easily maintainable moving forward.  Previously you would have to list all your pages in the ‘Pages’ tab of WordPress.  And if you had a lot of pages, searching through all of these pages could quickly become a hardship.

Organizing WordPress Content for Lawyers with Custom Post Types

PaperStreet sets up all of its new WordPress websites in a clean and organized manner utilizing Custom Post Types.  Post types were previously limited to Pages and Posts, but now we can add Custom Post Types for Attorneys, Practice Areas, or anything else we might think it beneficial to have a custom post type for.  Custom Post Types provide for an immediate organization relief for all of our Law Firm WordPress clients.


Now it is very easy to see where you add new Attorneys or Practices Areas, as opposed to having to filter  through all the Pages in the Pages tab.

Creating Custom Input Fields for Attorneys in WordPress

As designs become more and more complex one thing becomes apparent – there needs to be more places to insert your content then just the one content area.  This is where PaperStreet’s in-depth knowledge of Advanced Custom Fields comes in handy.  PaperStreet can set up your WordPress Bios to utilize only the fields, and the exact fields you need for your specific attorney bios on your website.


The UI makes adding new Attorneys very easy to understand.  PaperStreet utilizes Advanced Custom Fields to remove any unnecessary fields which would not need to be filled out, and then creates custom fields to fit the specific needs of the firm.  When the firm needs to add new attorneys, it is obvious where to input all the information.

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