What Widths Should I Design For Responsive Design?

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So you want to create a responsive website but don’t know what sizes you will actually need to design for.  This is a common question. A lot of different devices can display your webpage, so should you design for them all?

Designing for all devices may be impossible as there are an infinite variety of devices that you can view a website on.  When designing for a responsive site, it is best to consider what the majority of people are using and start there.

Top 4 Most Popular Widths for Web-Viewing Devices

The four most commonly used devices are:

  1. iPhone / Droid – 320px wide
  2. Small Tablets – 640px wide
  3. iPad / Tablet – 768px wide
  4. Computer – greater than 960px wide

You should consider the width of these three devices when creating a responsive website. However, keep in mind that you can design for many other widths such as iPhone sideways (480px).  However, 320, 640, 768 and 960 are the four widths that are the most mandatory to design for when considering responsive design.

Helpful Tools for Testing Screen Width

Below are a few helpful tools to utilize when creating a responsive design:

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