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Pete Boyd portrait7 Tips for Better PPC Banner Ad Tips for Law Firms

Pete gives tips on how to make the best banner for your law firm.

Pete Boyd portraitIs Pay-Per-Click Still Worth the Investment for Law Firms?

We have seen campaigns have great success, as well as fail to achieve goals. There are contributing factors to every campaign that contribute to the success and failure of PPC efforts.

The Biggest PPC Mistakes Law Firms Make

Every law firm expanding into internet marketing wants a piece of the PPC pie. Yet, these top five mistakes are still being made over and over by law firms.

Pete Boyd portraitPay-Per-Click Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is an advertising solution that helps law firms (and lots of other companies) increase their number of leads.

Pete Boyd portraitTop 10 Tips for an Effective Pay-Per-Click Campaign

We’re convinced that 2016 is the year that PPC is going to explode. Google search results are shrinking and PPC remains one of the ways you can maintain a presence at the top of the results page.

An Interview With Our PPC Team: Trends, Tips and Thoughts about PPC in 2016

Our PPC team discusses trends, tips and thoughts about PPC in 2016.

Pete Boyd portraitDo Pay-Per-Click or Banner Ads Raise your SEO Rankings?

The Answer Is No A client recently asked us whether local advertising or national pay-per-click ads improve their SEO efforts. The ads the client was referencing were either pay-per-click or pay-per-impression. Either way, such ads do not affect the SEO…

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