Hiring an Agency to Take Over Your PPC: What to Expect from Performance

Illustration of a webpage labeled "PPC" with icons representing shopping, gears, a target, a link, and a padlock surrounding the webpage. Multiple small figures are shown working around it, symbolizing what to expect from performance when hiring an agency to take over your PPC.

Ramp-Up Time

Whether starting from scratch on a new pay-per-click (PPC) endeavor or transitioning an existing account to a new agency, you should expect to see a ramp-up period for performance of up to 90 days. No two agencies are going to manage your PPC in the exact same way.  Even with an account that has been running for years, there will be an adjustment period as the agency optimizes your account. For a new account, this time will be utilized to test ads, keywords, and other settings in order to get the best possible performance. For a mature account, the marketing specialists will use existing data to make informed decisions based on past results to optimize and achieve future success.

Mature vs. New Accounts

There are advantages and disadvantages to starting with a fresh account versus taking over an older one. Mature accounts have historical data that can be used to optimize right away, and Google also puts a good amount of stock in historical data and performance. Generally, a longer-running account has already established somewhat of a rapport and trust with Google, and the end result can be higher quality scores and lower costs. That said, this rapport does not take long to achieve, so a mature account will not always be ideal.

While it will take longer to set up and the ramp-up time is slightly steeper, a new account is not necessarily at a stark disadvantage when compared to a mature one. For example, a new account would be preferable to a mature account that has a poor or mediocre structure. In that case, a freshly built account would likely perform better than the mature account and would also be less work than fixing everything that’s wrong with the existing account. In an apples-to-apples comparison between a mature and new account of equal quality, however, one can expect the mature account to perform better initially.

Why Choose PaperStreet?

At PaperStreet, we are fully equipped to take over any size pay-per-click account or build a new one from scratch. If you aren’t sure which is right for you, contact us today and let our experienced PPC specialists review your account and provide recommendations on how to proceed.

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