How to Upgrade PPC Ads to Extended Content

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Ready to Update Your Text Ads?

As of January 31st, 2017, Google will require all text ads to be in extended text ad format. That means you may have some updating to do, if your old ads do not fit the new requirements. While this process may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be! We’re here to show you how to do it, step-by-step.

Video Transcription

Hi everyone. In less than one minute, I’m gonna show you how to upgrade your standard text ads in Google, to the new extended text ad format. As some of you might know, as of January, 31st 2017, which is right around the corner, Google will require that all text ads be in this extended text ad format. This is probably one of their most exciting changes yet, as it allows us to have more room in our pay per click ads. So all you’ll do is go ahead and open your standard ad and click that edit button. Once you’re in the ad, as you could see here like we are, you’ll see to the right a preview of what your ad looks like as is. It looks great, there’s no issues with it. We just now have the ability as you see to add in an extra headline and two destination paths to the URL. For path one and two, I tend to use the key words that are in this headline number one here as it gives the user a more relevant experience and is likely the keyword that they search for to begin with. 

So let’s go ahead and type in paternity law firm here. And let’s go up to headline number two, where there’s currently no text at all but we now have the ability to add a really strong call to action that’ll show up in the headline. And so let’s talk about a free consultation. You also have the ability now, as you could see, to add an extra ten characters to the bottom description if you chose to do that. 

So lot of options for just adding in more text, telling your story more, taking up more real estate on the Google search results page and of course being up to date with Google’s new format before January 31st. So it’s as easy as that, you’ll just go through each of your ads and add in more text as you see fit. Make sure it’s a really strong call to action and something really relevant to what the users are searching for as well as the content on your website. You’ll from there go ahead and click save and go on to the next ad and that’s about it. You’ve now upgraded yourself to the new extended text ad format.

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