Mobile Website Strategy: A Checklist for Law Firms and Small Businesses

In today’s mobile landscape, there are over 4 billion cell phones in use globally, which equates to about 70 percent of the world’s population having access to a mobile phone. Mobile internet browsing has also doubled in the past year, accounting for 2.8% of all web traffic. That percentage may sound insignificant, but we are talking about billions of page views each day.

With these kind of numbers, mobile marketing isn’t just for big corporations anymore. To be a successful law firm or small business, owners need to consider how mobile marketing strategies can help them. Before coming up with a specific plan, however, here are some points to consider while developing your mobile strategy:

  • Define your target audience and market;
  • Target you demographic carefully while tailoring ads accordingly;
  • Write ads that engage your target market;
  • Create a clear and precise call-to-action;
  • Be relevant, timely and clever;
  • Use humor when appropriate;
  • Let people have the ability to express themselves by making suggestions;
  • Add the ability to share with others utilizing SMS technologies;
  • Test and validate your mobile campaigns to ensure everything displays correctly;
  • Integrate your mobile marketing and messaging into your entire marketing campaigns;
  • Utilize social media to get the word out; and
  • Do it right the first time, otherwise it will cost you more in the long run.

It might seem like a lot to consider at first, but keep in mind you can easily work with an agency such as PaperStreet that can guide you through the process.

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