How to Use Custom GPTs and Fine Tune Your AI Results for Your Law Firm

A round robot head with blue eyes and a speech bubble floats in front of an open laptop on a teal background.

AI technology has been growing, and these technologies can help your firm get the assistance they need in completing tasks. This can be done through the use of custom GPTs. Custom GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that are tailored to what you need. By tweaking a GPT to focus on specific procedures and tasks such as legal terminology, case analysis, and playing out real world scenarios, just to name a few. Firms can create a tool that can review and assess content, generate ideas or specifically tailored content, assist with day-today communication, handle repetitive tasks, and, in turn, free up valuable time for attorneys to focus on more complex aspects of their cases.

How to Create a Custom GPT: Step by Step Instructions

Access to Custom GPTs does require a Plus plan on your ChatGPT account.

After logging in, at the bottom of the left sidebar your account will appear click that and you will see this popup:

A vast field with two farming vehicles amidst crops, overlaid with text: "$400 Million Settlement for Farmers." The top-left corner reads "Zimmerman Reed.


Click “Create a GPT”:

A person with curly hair and a neat beard is smiling and wearing a dark blue shirt against a light blue background.


Fill in all the information:

Instructions – This is the bread and butter of the GPT. In this text area it’s good to be specific about what is wanted out of this GPT. Rules can be added so that it behaves a certain way. For example, as a developer, we can tell it to focus on specific coding languages, or use specific syntax such as code formatting.


A "MUSE Creative Awards 2024 Gold Winner" badge with a golden depiction of a woman's face in an art deco style at the bottom.


Alternatively, the “Create” tab can be used to chat with ChatGPT to walk you through the process. It will even provide example instructions based on the conversation. These instructions can always be modified at any time to be more fine tuned.


When finished, don’t forget to save the changes at the top right. Afterwards the GPT can be used from the sidebar. All the created GPTs will appear at the top of the sidebar.

Don’t Want To Create Your Own? No Problem!

Not really understanding how to use custom GPTs? Can’t seem to get the custom GPT the way to function properly? No problem! We can explore GPTs that have been created by other users and have been published publicly. Odds are someone may have already created a GPT similar to what you desired. It can be worth checking out the GPTs that are out there. Some of these are flushed out and can be extensively detailed and have been fine tuned by a team of people. Our award-winning development team is always available to help; reach out and see how we can assist in streamlining your tasks and processes with your own custom GPT?

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