Best Firefox Plugins for Web Designers

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Just a quick post on the tools we use for Firefox to make our life easier.

  1. Web Developer Toolbar – A must for designers, hence the name. Contains too many tools to list.
  2. Firebug – Great for debugging sites with CSS.
  3. Measure It – Needed to well. . . get measurements of web sites.
  4. ColorZilla – Snag any color on the screen for quick hex matching.
  5. Clear Cache – Great for making sure clients update their cache (i.e. get them to install this plugin). Also good if you want to be sure your cache is clear.
  6. Fireshot – Perfect for sending concepts around to designers/developers with markups and comments (or screenshots to clients).
  7. Password Export – Needed if you manage many sites and want to backup settings from computer to computer. Also nice to see your passwords, in case you forget.
  8. FireFTP – Although we use Transmit, WS FTP and Dreamweaver to upload, this is good to update too.
  9. IE View – Perfect for Windows computers to see what pesky Internet Explorer sites look like quickly.

There are also two plugins, that I think everyone should use:

  1. Google Preview – Just plain nice to see sites before you click on them. Allows me to quickly weed out crap sites.
  2. PDF Download – Great to warn me of PDF links and let me choose to download or save.

Obviously there are countless more, but that is what the comments are for. 🙂

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